Are You Set For Summer? Take our Careers Quiz

June 4th sees the launch of Before You Go Week, an intensive week of events, talks and individual appointments to help you make the most of the summer months – whether you are graduating, or coming back to the University in September.

We’d love to support as many of you as possible. Take our quiz to find out if you could benefit from coming in to see us before you go!

1. Career Path Clarity

A. I have no idea what I want to do

B. I have a few ideas but am torn/don’t know which to pursue

C. I have a direction in mind

A or B – Don’t worry, this is normal and a lot of students tell us this. If you are graduating this year, book our finalist only Confused about you career workshop.  If you’re not a finalist, or you’d prefer to speak one-to-one, call our Welcome desk for a guidance appointment. As well as helping you explore different jobs and sectors, we can help you decide whether further study or entrepreneurship may be right for you.

C – That’s great.  Read the next questions to see how else we might help you. And if it’s starting a business you are thinking of, don’t forget you can book our Starting a Business workshop  or an enterprise consultation

2. Job Search Strategy

A. I know how to find jobs/work experience and employers that interest me

B. I am struggling to find jobs/work experience that appeal to me

C. I can find employers I’d love to work for but they aren’t advertising

A – Fantastic. Go to question 3 ……

B or C – If you’re graduating this year, our Finalists Bootcamp covers job searching strategies including accessing the hidden job market – this is where you generate opportunities yourself, with employers you would be keen to work for. For non-finalists, our workshop Finding work experience and internships is perfect for you.

3. Getting the Offer

A. I’m getting interviews but haven’t had an offer yet

B. I’ve applied for lots of jobs but haven’t had any/many interviews

C. I’ve had an offer but I’m not sure whether to take it (or several offers and can’t choose)

A or B – It sounds like your CV/applications or interview technique may be letting you down. Understand how to strengthen your CV and enhance your interview skills through Finalists Bootcamp. Non-finalists, or any student preferring one-to-one support, can book a CV review, and schedule a practise interview session by calling the Welcome Desk.

C – Congratulations, you’ve done really well.  It’s important to be happy with your choice so do consider booking a guidance appointment so that a careers adviser can help you with your decision. Our service is completely impartial.

To book a 30 minute one-to one guidance appointment for career exploration or interview practice, call our Welcome Desk on 0117 928 8221.


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