8 things PLUS students can relate to

The Bristol PLUS Award is more than an employability tick-box exercise, or something to put on your CV. It’s a way of life which can be summed up with some relatable memes.

1. Forever unsure which letters to capitalise – is it Plus, PLuS, PLUS or just +?

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It’s PLUS, just saying.

2. Wondering if your parents having a go about your future counts as an employability workshop.

Technically it did inspire you…

3. You develop a pathological need to whip out your UCard whenever you see someone holding a tablet with authority.

If a tree falls in the forest and it didn’t have its UCard, did it even fall?

4. How you feel announcing to the Welcome Desk that you’re here for ‘the PLUS thing’ so everyone around you knows that you’re taking control of your future.

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*not an official endorsement from Rihanna, although you can find the Bristol PLUS endorsing employers on our webpages.

5. When you see an event you’re interested in, you can use it for the PLUS, AND it has free food.

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The pizza is how they get you. The pizza and the undeniably useful information about preparing for your future career.

6. Trying to reflect on work experience you did the summer before last.

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I can barely reflect on what I did last week tbh.

7. Realising that doing the PLUS has made you engage with the Careers Service way more than you would have done otherwise.

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There’s no going back – might as well bookmark the Careers Service webpages now.

8. Ultimately knowing that even if you’re not 100% career-ready, after doing the PLUS you can articulate your valuable skills and experience, and you have the tools to get there in the end.

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If you’ve been inspired by this list – or you want to challenge yourself to develop a range of skills and experience to boost your CV and stand out from the crowd – find out more and sign up on our Bristol PLUS Award webpages.