Help! I don’t have any relevant work experience for my PLUS Award

We often get asked if the 50 hours work experience for the Bristol PLUS Award has to be relevant to your subject, or future career plans. The answer is no!

Student volunteers helping out at the University’s open day

One of the great things about the PLUS Award is that it helps you identify the value of the transferable skills you have gained from jobs or volunteer roles that you might have been dismissive of, because you can’t see how they directly relate to your future. When you complete your reflective report and final review – the final parts of the PLUS Award – you will gain a good understanding of how these skills are valuable to employers, even if the context in which you gained them seems irrelevant.

So, don’t worry if you’ve worked in a supermarket or coffee shop; or volunteered a few hours a week for a charity or stewarding at an event. This is all valuable experience and can be counted towards your PLUS Award. Completing the Award will teach you how to best present this experience to maximise the impact of the range of skills you’ve gained.

To find out more about the PLUS Award work experience criteria visit the website or book to attend an introductory talk. The deadline to register for the PLUS Award this year is February 8.