Time for Graduate Plan B…

(Photo from Pixaby) 

“so, what’s your backup plan, then?” 


“your backup plan – you know, in case things don’t go as you expect?” 


Have you ever been in this situation, where you’ve got a great idea for something and it seems brilliant, but then someone bursts your bubble by asking what you’ll do if things don’t go as planned? Often, it’s not what you want to hear – why are they raining on your parade, suggesting that the thing you’re so passionate about won’t work? 

Hang on… Perhaps things aren’t as they seem: perhaps they’re concerned about how you might feel if no one says anything and you’re unsuccessful. They might want to protect you from the disappointment that can result from a lack of success, when you’ve put all your eggs in one basket. They might be offering you a helping hand because they have your best interests at heart. 

(Photo from Pixaby) 

The Careers Service is a little like this – frequently I talk with graduates who have decided that they want to pursue a certain career and are extremely proactive; however, they aren’t getting the success that they desire and still find themselves no closer to a graduate career. It might be that the role they want is extremely competitive, or they don’t have sufficient experience, yet. They could continue focusing on this one goal and they might be successful, but the longer they get nowhere then the more frustrated, de-motivated and demoralised they may become 

However, having a ‘Plan B’ – an alternative option – can help them to achieve success sooner rather than later. Yes, this does require flexibility and preparedness to compromise. However, the benefits can be enormous. 

If you’re not getting where you want to with your graduate career plans, you might want to book an appointment with our Graduate Careers Advisor, to discuss some suitable alternatives. You could also visit our career planning pages, to explore your options 

As we get closer to the summer and the time that new graduates will be seeking roles, so it is an ideal time to reassess what you want to achieve and expand your options. Your Plan B could even become your Plan A!