Looking for a summer internship?

The University runs internship schemes that enable you to gain quality, paid work experience.

We work with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) including charities, social enterprises, and start-ups, as well as larger organisations across the UK.

There are many reasons why you might want to do an internship:

  • To earn money during your studies
  • To improve your CV and cover letter with practical experience and references
  • To develop your skills, such as communication, teamwork and professionalism
  • To compliment your studies with relevant industry knowledge
  • As a route into an organisation that you would like to work for long term
  • To network within your area of interest – making connections for the future can be of great benefit later on
  • Try out a career – an internship is a great way to test out a career and see if it is right for you

There is still time for you to find an internship for this summer. Check out the internship listings on mycareer, which include the University internship schemes as well as opportunities that are directly advertised by organisations. More information about all these schemes is available on the relevant webpages.

SME Internship Scheme

This scheme provides paid work experience of 4 weeks for current students and alumni up to 6 months after graduation who meet specific eligibility criteria.

SME Santander Internship Scheme

This scheme provides paid work experience opportunities of 10 weeks within UK-based SMEs. This is open to final year students and recent graduates within 18 months of graduation who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Graduate Scheme: Work This Way

This pilot-scheme aims to connect growing, local SMEs with University of Bristol graduates over a 7 week internship. This is open to home students who graduated in summer 2018 or are due to graduate in summer 2019.

Q-Step Internship Scheme

This is managed by the Professional Liaison Network in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law and offers work experience in applied quantitative data analysis to current undergraduate students and recent graduates studying specific courses. For further information please see the Q-Step Internship page.

EFM Internship Scheme

This scheme, also managed by the Professional Liaison Network, offers specialist internships for students in the School of Economics, Finance and Management. Please see the PLN Internships page for more information.

Faculty of Engineering ILO Internship Scheme

An internship scheme which enables students to gain valuable experience within an industrial environment. Find out more here.