Unleash your potential with Bristol Futures online courses

From 24 June you can enrol on three free Bristol Futures online courses. These courses: Sustainable Development, Innovation and Enterprise, and Global Citizenship will help you explore your place in the world, develop fresh insights, and learn new skills while enhancing your employability along the way.

Sustainable Development

You will look at happiness and purpose in the context of work through case studies such as the Foodcycle project. You will reflect on what motivates you and look at actions on an individual, local, and global level. Sign up here.

Innovation and Enterprise

This course will show you practical techniques for problem solving such as brainstorming for ideas, drawing from a range of Bristol-based case studies. It will also allow you to work on developing your own ideas. Sign up here.

Global Citizenship

You will explore the big challenges in today’s globalised society with perspectives from 15 Bristol academics. You’ll also learn how the world is like a handkerchief! Sign up here.

What are the benefits?

Now that it’s the summer vacation, it’s a great time to give one of these courses a go while you might not have other studies going on.

Employers love to see commitment to learning and developing skills outside of your studies, doing an online course really demonstrates this.

If you’re thinking about doing the Bristol PLUS award next year, get a head start by completing one of the Bristol Futures online courses which are a key component of award.

To get free unlimited access, as a Bristol student, you must sign up via the Open Courses Blackboard tab, you will then be eligible for a certificate if you complete the course. 

Read more and find out how sign up.