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Photo by Bhagesh Sachania

Are you in love with your subject and wondering how you can find that passion in your future career?

Is your head swimming with ideas about what you think you’d be good at and what would be rewarding work?

Do you find yourself wondering what might give you the edge in application and selection processes?

University alumni can be a great source of support. Not only do they have a natural affinity and familiarity with Bristol they can be a ‘real life voice’ that will provide realistic and impartial advice.

Been there and know it well

Final year History of Art BA student Hudi was able to find and work with an alumni that had previously graduated from the same course. She described her situation which is not uncommon to the students that visit us at the Careers Service.

“I was really freaking out about applying for things and I didn’t really have anyone to speak to about it. I didn’t know anyone who did History of Art, it is quite a small discipline. I feel like third year is when everyone does apply for internships and jobs and stuff and I’d sort of come up dry looking at the internet.”

From alumni support Hudi gained a broader perspective making her feel more informed about making an action plan to get the kind of job she wants after University.

“I was able to understand just how many jobs there are in art galleries not just being a curator you could also work in conservation, as a technician, just seeing how much there is and what goes into it, was really important. I was able to contact my mentor to ask her view on what opportunities I think were right for me. I gained a really important contact who had so much knowledge from so many years working in different parts in the industry.”

So why not put yourself out there!

Bristol Connects is a brand-new and free to use platform for you to interact and network with University of Bristol alumni. So why not set aside just a small amount of time each week to research and learn from others than have been in your shoes! Who knows what gold nuggets of insight you might find.

Find out more and register online for free today.

For more support around networking and making connections please come and see us at the Careers Service, 5 Tyndall Avenue.