Launch of myopportunities – get involved!


What is myopportunities? 

myopportunities is a portal that empowers you to explore opportunities outside of your formal curriculum.  

Develop your interests, enhance your skills and apply your learning today by signing up for an engagement opportunity!  

This could be a one-off volunteering activity in Bristol, a month-long internship abroad, an online course or hackathon.  

myopportunities lists opportunities from across the university and the wider community. The list is endless, so why not find an opportunity that suits you and begin learning differently today? Visit us online: myopportunities 

What do students think? 

Not yet convinced? This is what Iskandar had to say about myopportunities: 

Name: Iskandar
Year: 2nd
Course: Law

“The launching of myopportunities has really helped to consolidate the endless amount of extra-curricular experiences the city and the University has to offer. I found it to be a helpful and easy-to-navigate starting point for browsing through opportunities especially when there is an overwhelming variety to choose from. 

 Having held a society position in first year and doing an internship during the summer, I wanted to engage in more volunteering work in my second year. While there were many volunteering organisations in Bristol, myopportunities compiled everything in one place and saved me so much time.” 

What’s in it for me? 

These are some of the other benefits that myopportunities can give you: 

  • The chance to bring your learning to life. 
  • Opportunities to develop yourself – both personally as well as professionally. 
  • A way to build networks and make connections​ outside of your course. 
  • The space to give something back. 
  • It supports your wellbeing. 
  • Find opportunities you can use towards the Bristol PLUS Award. 
  • Make the most of your time in Bristol. 

Visit myopportunities to start exploring today!