My graduate internship experience

I started with The Air Agents in June as part of the University of Bristol’s internship scheme. It seemed like a great opportunity to get some work experience in a field I was actually interested in – a welcome change from the plethora of ads for graduate schemes in recruitment or finance. 

I’d always wanted to stay in Bristol after I graduated, having grown up locally, and had trawled through Indeed for hours, searching for a job which would be rewarding. The internship was a bit of a gamble, but I figured I would end up with experience that could only aid my job hunt.  

I started at The Air Agents right in the middle of their peak summer period – the office was an exciting blur of client meetings and working lunches. Within the first week, I was working directly with the co-founders and had opportunities to put forward my ideas about how we could make some operations more efficient, knowing I would actually be listened to. It was incredibly affirming. 

Over the course of the internship I was given ownership of a couple of projects, and went from responding to emails to managing revenue for one of our key buildings in the heart of Islington. The Careers Service supported me with regular catch-ups, encouraging me to tailor my internship to my interests and equipping me with the skills to successfully apply to other jobs.  

I made sure to be curious about every aspect of the business; never turning down a task and always being ready with a question. It was this approach which helped me to become the company captain for a key piece of software, as I thoroughly interrogated its functionalities and uses within the business. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and contacts within the short-term rental field and was supported by training courses which furthered my development.  

I was offered a full-time position at The Air Agents at the end of my internship, which I accepted. Much of what I now do day-to-day follows on from projects I initiated through my internship and is related to my interests. I am constantly challenged and my drive to progress is reflected in my colleagues, giving me a true sense of fulfillment that leaves me genuinely excited to go into work.  

Jasmin, graduate.

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