Volunteering and the Bristol PLUS Award proves a powerful combination

There are so many reasons for volunteering and when you pair it with the Bristol PLUS Award the value gained can really pack a punch!

To help us prepare for Student Volunteering Week we caught up with Bristol PLUS Award completer, Joshua Ang, to hear more about how he paired his volunteering and the Bristol PLUS Award.

“The Bristol PLUS Award is the University’s way of recognising the efforts of students who have taken on a holistic approach to their education. Even though we share the same Award, we can tailor the activities to our own liking. This makes the PLUS Award more rewarding as I could select the activities that appeal to me!”

Joshua used his volunteering experiences to satisfy both the Work Experience and Intensive Skills sections of his Award.

“I had an amazing experience volunteering with BristolHUB’s Social Innovation Programme. I worked with a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and together with a mentor from Burges Salmon LLP, we brainstormed potential solutions for Brave Bold Drama, a local non-profit theater organisation. This gave me the opportunity to get out of the university bubble and visit elderly people in Bristol. Within these three months, I learned about teamwork, managing my time, and improving my presentation skills. Also, it was satisfying to hear from the organisation that our report has contributed towards their organisational goal of reaching out to the local elderly population.”

“I also joined AIESEC Bristol for more volunteering experiences. I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to be a Team Leader of the marketing team. Every week, my team promoted volunteering opportunities to students which developed my confidence. Once a week, we would reflect on our experie nces and share our learning points with one another. As a result, we grew and developed together as a team. I really enjoy this camaraderie!”

“Overall, the PLUS Award has been a rewarding experience. It gave more value to my spare time, and provided a framework for me to go beyond academia and work on myself to prepare for my future career.”

A volunteering focused Bristol PLUS Introductory Talk, featuring the British Red Cross and PLUS Award alumnus will be held on Tuesday 11 Feb at the Bristol SU. Registration deadline for PLUS Award is 14 February 2020.