Get Career Ready with the Career Ready Course

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Do you know how to get started or move forwards on your career journey?

Many students and graduates ask us for help in deciding what to do. Others are looking for advice on how to upskill, gain relevant experience or stand out in the application process.

Career planning is a cycle, and to support you at every stage, whether you’re a first year considering your options, or a recent graduate navigating the jobs market, the Careers Service has developed the Career Ready Course for you.

Hop on the careers cycle

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Consider career planning to be a cycle of self-reflection, learning and action rather than a linear process. At one time you might be researching different roles in sectors that match your skills and interests. At others you will be developing your knowledge by gaining first-hand experience. When you’re ready for a new chapter you’ll be working hard to sell your skills by impressing employers during the application and selection process.

A personal journey

The Career Ready Course can be tailored to your individual needs, meaning you study only the sections that are relevant to you. With additional targeted materials for international students and postgraduate researchers, there’s something for everyone. Dip in and out, when you want to, wherever you are and at a pace to suit you.

It’s a jargon free course, with personalised content covering three pathways:

  • Explore – match your skills and interests to job roles.
  • Experience – try out the role in a real work setting.
  • Find and Apply – pin down the job and perfect your applications.

Each pathway contains interactive, engaging content from quizzes, to videos, reading resources, reflection exercises and action planning. Developed with help from students, it’s totally flexible – complete the whole pathway or pick and choose the parts that best meet your needs.

What’s more, completing the Career Ready Course can also count towards the Bristol PLUS Award – the University’s highly regarded employability award.

What do students think?

‘The material is laid out clearly and there is no surplus content which confuses things. I think it’s also good that you have to type out what you’re going to do at the end of some of the sections because it means you’re actively thinking about the material, not just passively reading it.’University of Bristol postgraduate student

Help is at hand

Whichever stage you’re at right now, it’s time to start taking action and making decisions. But remember you’re not alone. Your Careers Service is here for you, wherever you are in the world. Have a look at our guides, resources, and tools on mycareer and don’t miss up-to-date labour market information here.

If you’re looking for advice and guidance or have any careers related questions, get in touch using our new live chat function for an instant response.

In the meantime, get moving, get motivated, and start the Career Ready Course now.