My COVID-19 SME Internship: Katherine – Brozen Bar

Katherine, an Archaeology and Anthropology PhD student, has written about her recent Marketing Internship which was supported by our COVID-19 SME Internship Fund. The aim of this fund was to support local SMEs including charities, social enterprises and start-up who are operating at maximum capacity as they respond to the challenges of Coronavirus, while giving students valuable and meaningful work experiences in a difficult economic climate. 

The Internship

Over the last two months, I have joined the Brozen Bar team and explored the world of frozen cocktails and ice cream. This position included both research and creative design. The majority of my time was spent researching possible restaurants and pubs to be contacted for the Business to Business side of the Brozen Labs. I conducted research around which ice cream and alcoholic ice cream products were already on the market.

Although the research was very much in my comfort zone, the design portion utilized my creative mindset. I created mock-ups for their website including their “For Home” page, which operates their takeaway services. I established social media schedules for the Brozen Bar Facebook and Instagram, detailing what sort of content we should be creating and when it should be posted.

Part of my creative role was to design a mock booklet and flyers for the bar and Brozen’s new subscription gelato box. Alongside research and creative design, I assisted in grant writing and brain storming ideas for future ventures such as entering the US market. They even encouraged me to attempt making ice cream, which was somewhat of a success!


A new skill I have learned is how to create a cost-effective campaign to gain new customers. Having never encountered this before, it allowed me to understand the mathematical and strategic side of marketing and customer growth. I also advanced my skills in web designing.

I now have a thorough understanding of how a business can create a brand and niche through clever market research and methodical business practice. This ultimately taught me how to develop alternative business plans and models to create accessibility.

I would very much recommend this internship as it has allowed me to enhance some of the skills I already had, as well as envision them in a new sphere that I would not normally have considered.

The SME Internship Scheme

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