My COVID-19 SME Internship: Beatriz – Airborne UK


Hi I’m Beatriz, I’m in my 4th year of Aerospace Engineering and I just completed an internship at Airborne UK, supported by the COVID-19 SME Internship Fund. This funding was offered by the University of Bristol to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to support their summer internship programs. Considering that many internship opportunities got cancelled due to the current situation, I was very lucky that Airborne kept their offer with the condition that I would work remotely. 

My Project 

Airborne is a growing company specialising in the design and manufacture of composite materials. They have been providing solutions to increase the use of composites in different engineering fields and they are currently moving towards the automation of their processes.  

My subproject contributed to the ARCS project, which has been developing an automated manufacturing process to use recycled-fibre composites for a battery box lid for electric vehicles. was responsible for designing a stackable frame to safely transport preforms. also followed the steps of the production from design to prototyping, produced technical drawing, reports, computer aided design, and performed structural and material analysis.  

Coincidently, my tasks involved all my favourite university topics, so I was very glad to get the chance to have this temporary dream job. After a few weeks, my sketch drawing became a frame prototype and that was the most satisfying feeling – seeing something you created becoming real (and useful!).  

I was initially supposed to work for two months but as my holiday was cancelled, Airborne extended my internship to 14 weeks. This opportunity was great, as it gave me the chance to work in a range of projects and learn more about the services that Airborne providesworking alongside a diverse team in a very friendly environment.  

The experience 

My internship experience was fantastic, it expanded my horizons and helped  me grow personally and professionally. From the beginning I had essential support and guidance from inspiring people who always made me feel like part of the team. Being given lots of responsibility and always having my opinion heard built-up my confidence significantly.  

I want a career in a place that encourages personal development and challenges me to learn new things. Airborne did this and it was very motivating.  

I could not be more thankful for the experience I had at Airborne and for the University funding, the internship was absolutely amazing 

Tips for other students 

would definitely recommend working at a SME and participating in the SME Internship Schemes. My advice is to look for companies that offer the kind of work that you enjoy and opportunities which match your skills. Ask SMEs about future opportunities, companies really like driven students who go out of their way to find some experience. 

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