Four things you need to know about Interview360

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Practice makes perfect and there is currently a no better way to practice for an interview than Interview360. Due to COVID-19, many things have had to change, and we have been forced to adapt. Interviews and the hiring process have been moved online. So how can we prepare for something we have barely experienced? That’s where Interview360 comes in. Here are four amazing features of Interview360 that you need to know!

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are the best way to prepare for an interview. But how do you do that from a six-foot radius or virtually? Interview360 has an online mock interview interface which is the best way to prepare for the real thing. There are three different types of interviews you can utilize:

  • An AI interview where you will be asked questions based on what you have put in your CV.
  • An auto-generating interview is a mock interview where the interface will pull random questions for you to answer at that moment.
  • You can also look at different interview situations by genres such as Research & Preparation, Behavioural, and Science and Success Interviews.

Practice interview questions

An interview can be going great right up until the interviewer asks a question which completely throws you off. Interview360 has a large database of any type of interview questions you could come across and an example of how to answer them. New questions are added often, and they exceed the realm of “what’s your greatest weakness.” Now if someone asks you, “if you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?” you will know what to say!  (The correct answer is digestives!)

AI-powered instant feedback

One of the struggles of practicing for an interview, especially online, is often there is little access to personal feedback. It is possible to lookup questions online, but there is no way to know if you have answered the question correctly. Interview360 can provide you AI-generated feedback tailored to your answers. That way you can adapt and change your answer and see how your results can improve.

Over 100 interview training resources

If you aren’t ready to take a mock interview that is okay! Interview360 has hundreds of videos and articles to prepare you for all aspects of an interview. If you are struggling with a specific aspect of an interview you are bound to find what you need in our vast number of resources.

Some great pages to look at include:

Take a look around Interview360, and don’t forget to use it to help you prepare for your next interview whether it be online or in person.