3 reasons to make the most of the Faculty of Arts Careers Series this February

The pandemic has impacted so much, including the world of work. The ongoing uncertainty can feel de-motivating; it may feel easier to avoid thinking about careers right now and to put it off until later. However, it could be an ideal time for career thinking and looking at what the Faculty of Arts Careers Series has to offer, because:

  • The pandemic is shaping the world of work. It was changing before, but the pandemic has accelerated change in the job market, including increased working from home and the growth or decline of some sectors. Taking time to engage in what’s happening right now will help you understand where the opportunities could be and therefore make informed decisions about your future. (Have a look at this labour market information on mycareer and the Preparing for a career in the creative industries in 2020/21 resource to get started).
  • There are SO many options with an Arts degree – allow yourself time to explore. This is the good news – your Faculty of Arts degree could lead to SO MANY different careers (something I think should be celebrated more as I discuss in this LinkedIn article). Friends and family may ask if you will become a teacher (as this is one of the most visible options), but I bet there are loads of careers you haven’t even heard of yet. Understanding the wide range of possibilities isn’t going to happen overnight, and how will you know you want to do something that you haven’t heard of? See it as a journey to understanding yourself and what’s out there, developing your skills and experiences before eventually finding and applying for opportunities or setting yourself up as self-employed. So, give yourself time to enjoy the process by starting as early as possible.
  • Be inspired, wherever you are. Now we are in a third lockdown, you might be wondering how to get started with thinking about careers and the future. Enter the Faculty of Arts Careers Series. Earlier this year, we asked Faculty of Arts alumni to share their career experiences with you and were overwhelmed with responses from alumni pursuing exciting careers across a range of areas. So, over the month of February, there will be 20+ events where you will hear first-hand about various careers an Arts degree could lead to and top tips for preparing for the future. You will also find out more about relevant opportunities available to you at university, such as the Bristol PLUS Award and Bristol Mentors. All events will be online, so grab a hot drink, turn off other distractions and get ready to be inspired.

You can access the full event programme and book onto sessions on mycareer.

From the Creative Industries to Education, Public Sector to Archaeology, Tech to Law (to name a few), join us in celebrating the wide range of career possibilities with your Arts degree. See you there!