It’s International Womens Day!

Find out Today, the 8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD). The global annual celebration celebrates the social, economic and political achievements of women and simultaneously raises awareness on gender equality.

This week, there are lots of incentives and events taking place nationally and internationally which celebrate women overcoming challenges and creating an impact- however big or small- on today’s society. Although many are taking place today or over the next week, these events should act as a springboard for change over the next 12 months. This years theme is #Choosetochallenge . Here are some ways you can challenge yourselves this International Women’s Day.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Challenge diversity within business

With the recent news of Bumble’s CEO becoming the world’s youngest self- made female billionaire, overcoming barriers which come hand in hand with being a woman, it has encouraged so many more women to feel more empowered to make their ideas become a reality.  Support female founded businesses and if you’re someone that’s interested in entrepreneurship, make that next step.

In 2019 the Basecamp Enterprise team aimed to improve the diversity of applicants within the New Enterprise Competition, due to the lack of female founders. By adding layers of support where women felt more empowered, supported and had a sounding board for their ideas, in 2020 seven out of ten finalists were female founders. One of those founders, from Kaedim, went on to win the competition overall. This initiative has resulted in the team recently winning two awards from TechSpark and SETSqaured. You can find out some more on this programme here which opens later in the year.

Challenge that ‘imposter syndrome’

We’ve all heard of imposter syndrome- a pattern which an individual doubts their skills, talents and accomplishments. Whilst this is not uncommon and something that anyone can experience, it’s mostly common for women. This is mostly due to the lack of visible role models (particularly working within STEM fields) outdated norms and unconscious gender bias.

This week, try to attend IWD events to normalise hearing about women in power, vocalise your concerns and network and follow those who inspire you. Challenge those doubts which fuel inadequacy and believe in yourself! Events this week range from fireside chats to panel events and much more!

Challenge assumptions, learn and unlearn

Do you find yourself making assumptions when you see that someone is doing well within their career? That’s not uncommon! But do try to challenge your thought process and assess whether you have any unconscious biases. Ask questions, do your research and champion those around you!


The Growth stage of the New Enterprise Competition is open for applications for final years and graduates for those with a well-developed start-up.


The Careers Service has events taking place throughout the year which champion diversity. Find out more and sign up now.