Mentor, Mentor on the wall….

Who is the brightest and best student of all?! While navigating student life at University having someone in your corner can feel hugely positive. Even more so when planning ahead and thinking about your future career.

Our Bristol Mentors programme is now open and matches all successful student applicants with an alumni mentor working in a job sector of interest to them. This mentoring partnership lasts the duration of the academic year.

We caught up with student mentee Eli and alumni mentor Julia about their involvement in the Bristol Mentors programme this year.

Second year Economics and Finance student Eli explained why Bristol Mentors originally caught his eye:

“After I failed to secure any openings for work experience during spring vacation I received information about Bristol Mentors and applied straight away. I thought that meeting someone within the industry would allow me to have a greater understanding of how applicants are assessed, and how I could optimise my applications. Once I met my mentor, she was kind enough to look over my previous applications to see what changes I could make. She then helped me with research for other applications, and as I progressed through assessment stages, she helped me with my preparation. As a result of all this assistance, I felt that my understanding of the industry was improved, and I felt much more confident going into interviews. I am extremely grateful for all the support I received from Bristol Mentors, helping me secure a summer internship.”

2017 Biology graduate Julia now works as an Associate at Santander UK and was keen to become a mentor:

“I look back on my time at Bristol fondly and I remember several people who were crucial in helping me reach the position I am in today. The Bristol Mentors scheme was an opportunity for me to give a little back and hopefully provide some reassurance and advice to a student choosing a career path or employer. The Bristol Mentors Scheme is a great opportunity for mentees to gain a deeper insight into their chosen field, hearing first-hand what a real day in the life is like. Ultimately, this scheme can be a gateway to expanding your network of connections in the industry. It is just the kind of opportunity I would have been searching for when I was a student contemplating my next steps.”

Bristol Mentors is now open for applications to join our Class of 2022. If you are a UK home undergraduate student returning for study in 2021/22 please visit our webpage to read more, check your eligibility and start an application.