5 Careers Service resources you will wish you’d known about sooner!

I am Sammi and I am the Student Marketing and Comms Assistant at the Careers Service alongside doing my master’s in International Security. Working at Careers has opened my eyes to the amazing support on offer to students, so I thought I would share with you the five Careers resources, that I wish I had known about sooner, to help you get ahead of the game.

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Sammi Ciardi

Interview 360 

Interview360 is an amazing tool that allows you to practice virtual interviews, as well as research the best answers to interview questions that have stumped you in the past. Due to remote work, practicing interviews is now more important than ever! Without the ability to use body language and no guarantee of a perfect internet connection, you need to make the most of your interview.  If you are already confident in your interview skills but need help on a few specific questions, you can browse available questions and see what response has the most success. If you have ever wondered how to answer the question, “if you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?” then Inteview360 is the best place to start.  


Sometimes the idea of making a CV can be daunting; asking yourself what to include (or not to include!) and make sure you show yourself in the best light. It’s difficult to know exactly what to write and if it’s what an employer is looking for. CV360 is an online tool that runs your CV against 50 checks that commonly trip up an ATS (applicant tracking system). After you upload your CV, you can see all of the sections that have “failed” and how to improve them. For example, after submitting your CV, you can check under the ‘content’ sections to see if you have organized your education properly or if you have included all the right interests and skills. The next time you apply for a job you can submit your CV with confidence!  

 Career Ready Course 

Choosing a career is a big step, and can be a scary one as well. There isn’t always a clear path and not every person knows what they want to do right away. The Career Ready Course is the best tool in your career toolkit when deciding “what do I do next?”. There are built-in pathways around each stage of selecting and planning a career to guide you along your chosen path. You can complete it at your own pace and the best part is you can change your path at any time!  

 Industry reports 

If you have an affinity for a specific industry but want to learn more, or if you have questions about an industry before applying, I highly recommend checking out the industry reports. Within each page, you will see industry trends, SWOT analyses, recruiters and useful websites. This resource is key when learning more about where you want to work and what you need to know before applying.  

 Aptitude tests 

“Test” is a scary word but fear not! In this amazing resource, you will find verbal, numerical, critical thinking, inductive and logic tests; each test is an opportunity for you to self-evaluate where you need more work, and what skills you can highlight to potential employers. If you know an employer may have their own aptitude test for you in an interview, practicing here is a great way to make sure you stand out as a candidate.  

The Careers Service is open throughout the summer vacation. Connect with us via Live Chat with any questions you might have to help you get the most of your summer and beyond.