Jobs are on the up! – Lets talk Labour Market Information

We’re not going to pretend that times aren’t challenging. We all know that COVID has hit the economy and jobs market hard.  

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a useful tool to help understand current recruitment trends across different sectors and we think it’s about time you heard some positive news…


5 things current LMI data is saying:

1.  More jobs are being advertised now, than at this time last year 

  • Job postings were 11% above the 1 February, 2020, pre-pandemic baseline. 
  • In the week of 21-27 June, there were a total of 1.55 million active job adverts in the UK. 
  • With 192,000 new job postings in the same week, employers demand remains buoyant and at a level higher than before the onset of lockdown in March 2020.
    (Indeed Hiring Lab, July 21) 

What you can do: Search far and wide. Visit our vacancy listings, use our sector guides to find niche jobs boards, follow organisations and set up job alerts on LinkedIn.  


2. Graduate jobs in 2021 look set to rise 

  • The latest recruitment targets for the country’s leading employers suggest that the number of graduate jobs on offer in 2021 may increase by 2.5%. (High Fliers Graduate Market 21) 

What you can do: Get yourself application ready. Start sharpening up your CV using our CV360 tool, and practice your video interview skills with Interview360. 

3.  Some sectors are booming

Employers in the public sector, IT, food and online retail, manufacturing engineering, law and consulting have vacancies to fill. As the wider economy opens up, other industries will begin to bounce back. 

  • Public sector employers are expected to be the largest recruiters of new graduates in 2021, with a record 5,400 entry-level vacancies available for university leavers. (High Fliers Graduate Market 21). 

What you can do: Be open-minded and creative in your search – consider alternative first career steps. Remember that skills are transferable, and employers value all experience.   


4. The University of Bristol is one of the 10 most targeted universities by top UK employers (High Fliers Graduate Market 21).

They attend our virtual careers fairs and run employer events, specifically to recruit YOU! 

What you can doSign up for employer events through mycareer. Get your elevator pitch ready and talk to employers directly. 

5.  Your degree doesn’t have to be directly relevant to job roles.

Employers value your aptitudes and attitudes as highly as your knowledge.   

What you can doAssess your skills and strengths, and check out careers that are open to graduates from all degree backgrounds. 

Keep up to date with our Labour Market Information page, stay positive and talk to us if you’re struggling.  

For quick fire questions you can contact us through LIVE Chat or book an information and advice appointment to talk to a Careers Adviser. 

As always, we’re here to help throughout your studies and for up to 3 years after you graduate