Support for finalists

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In your final year and not sure what to do next? We can help!

If you’re still exploring your options or at the beginning stages of thinking about what you’ll do after you graduate, read on for our selection of resources to get you started.

It can be difficult to figure out what to do – maybe you joined university with no clear careers ideas in mind, or maybe you’ve changed your plans. Either way, it can seem like an overwhelming task, with so many things to consider.

Do not fear! We can help you break it down, with all the resources on our Exploring Career Options guide. Here’s a tour of some of our most helpful resources.

Spotlight on: our Career Planning Guide

Starting from square one with no idea how to move forward? We have just the thing for that!

Work through our Career Planning Guide at your own pace, while we guide you through reflecting on your own values, motivations, and skills. Figuring out what makes you tick means that you can feel empowered in your job search. You will be more likely to find a job that suits you if you know what you want!

Pair this with our Career Assessments for a really thorough understanding of how you work best.

Spotlight on: the Career Ready Course

At the Careers Service, we have loads of really helpful resources for whatever stage you’re in. The Career Ready Course is our version of a trusty tour guide in your careers adventure.

You’ll learn invaluable tips about what factors go into choosing a career path, how to fin

d the best resources for independent research, how to explore the sectors you’re interested in, and what jobs are actually out there! The Career Ready Course can help you bring all of your self-reflection and career research together to give you an empowered, informed, starting block.


Our support for finalists doesn’t end there.

Looking for more information?

The Exploring Career Options page on mycareer also has resources on finding, choosing, and funding further study, plus how to find bespoke events tailored for finalists. You can find out what students from your course have gone on to do, to inspire some ideas, as well as reading advice from employers!

If you need a little extra help navigating your way through careers thinking, jump on Live Chat or book yourself into an appointment online.

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