Student Volunteering Week

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Student Volunteering Week is just around the corner, with a jam-packed week of events around the themes of Health, Education, and Environment. 

As a student volunteer, you can make a huge impact, learn new skills, and meet new people. You can also gain formal recognition for your commitment by completing the Bristol PLUS Award, so you’ll feel ready to tell employers all about the transferable skills you’ve developed along the way!  

In fact, after part-time jobs, volunteering is the 2nd most popular activity students use towards their 70 hours of PLUS experience, so we caught up with two PLUS students to find out more.

Fatin Azlan – (BSc Environmental Geoscience) volunteers for Food Cycle, helping local communities in Bristol combat food waste and food poverty:  

‘My favourite part about volunteering is being able to connect with other volunteers who share the same vision with me – that is to conserve as much food as possible to avoid waste. I was part of the Cooking Volunteer team where I had the chance to prep meals using ingredients from local stores that would have otherwise gone to waste.’ 

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If you’re looking to volunteer, you can chat to Food Cycle and loads of other great organisations at the Volunteering Fair on Wednesday 9 February, so book your place and come say hi! Don’t forget myopportunities and Bristol Hub are always filled with loads of ideas too.

PLUS Achiever Ayodimeji Ojelade, (Aerospace Engineering) volunteered in his local community – working at a food bank and also launching an education initiative, with the goal of encouraging self-education into pressing world matters. 

‘My favourite part about volunteering was the feeling of your work directly contributing toward bettering somebody’s life. At my local food bank, I helped to source, distribute, and serve products to over 1000 people weekly in need.  

I learnt that collaboration goes a lot further than people give it credit, because from all of my experiences, they are not only more fun, but more successful when you can work with others.’ 

You can make a huge difference through volunteering in Health, Sustainability, and Education, so to find out more about these themes and how to volunteer, check out what’s on offer this Student Volunteering Week.

We’ll also be holding a special volunteering week Bristol PLUS introductory talk so if you’re not already registered book your place now!

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