Santander Universities Nominee- Student Travel Tips

In it’s 10th year, The Santander University’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme is a five-month accelerator which prepares entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed and grow their business. Winning businesses receive funding, mentoring, funded interns as well as credible networks. This year, Alfie from Student Travel tips was nominated by the Basecamp Enterprise team and they caught up with him during lockdown… 

Tell us about Student Travel tips and how it all started:

Student Travel Tips is an online travel platform with advice for students and young travellers. I found that when young people go abroad to live, travel or work, it’s difficult to locate information that’s relevant to us. Scrolling endlessly through blogs and guidebooks is great but it’s very time consuming. We found that the most trustworthy advice out there is from fellow likeminded studentsso I set up this platform so that everyone has access to valuable information all in one place. Where to live and how to get around, what to do and where to go, with the best bars and clubs and how to stay safe. When I moved to Brazil last year, I was nervous about settling in without a job, a house, and essentials. Exchanging a few Whatsapp messages with a new friendI was recommended all the above and more. I felt very lucky and comfortable to have this kind of insider info, so why not pass on this advice to more people? After nagging a lot of my fellow students to fill in a spreadsheet of their tips and a lot of fiddling around with web design, Student Travel Tips grew and grew.

What has been the most rewarding part of your business journey?

 It’s when I receive an email or text from someone who has benefited from the website or when people say, ‘I wish we had this when I went on my year abroad!’It’s such a fun project which brings out my creative side and passion for travel and languageto know that the website’s core is shining through is a great feeling. I never thought I’d bconsidered as young entrepreneur’ and I’m grateful to the Basecamp team for this recognition, not only in helping me grow the business, but also putting me forward for the Santander Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme. 


Do you have questions about disability and employability?

person thinking
Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Many disabled students and graduates ask the Careers Service for help making the transition from study to work. We support students with a variety of physical, mental health, and neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia, autism and ADHD when thinking about their career. In this blog post we’ll go over some of the common questions we get asked around the recruitment process, what we can do to help, and where you can get extra support.



The New Enterprise Competition winners!

The New Enterprise Competition drew to a close last week and the winner of the Growth stage was Kaedim, winning £10,000 and 12 months incubation at SETSquared.

Kaedim, launched in 2019 by Computer Science with Innovation students Konstantina Psoma and Roman Bromidge, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up which turns sketches into 3D models. Their degree based at the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship alongside the help of the Basecamp Enterprise Team, allowed them to develop their idea, enhance their entrepreneurial skills and draw on a pool of expert industry mentors.

Below: The Basecamp Team (virtually, of course) announce the good news to Kaedim

Over the course of the year, the Basecamp Enterprise Team received over 100 applications to take part in the Ideas, Development and Growth stages of the competition. Winning the competition gives students, graduates and staff the opportunity to win prize money and unlock support packages to help develop and grow their start-up ideas- whether it be a business, charity or social enterprise!

Here’s what Kaedim had to say about winning this years’ top prizes:


Is freelancing for you?

If you don’t think of freelancing as a graduate job, you may be missing a trick.

Being self-employed can be hugely rewarding and graduates shouldn’t dismiss it as either a short-term or more permanent option. To some it may sound like a precarious path with no certainty and little direction, whilst others see it as an exciting world of possibilities. It all depends on your mindset and skills. (more…)

Why would an SME hire me for an internship?

If you’re looking for an internship, sourcing your own can be a great way to find an opportunity with an organisation that you’re really interested in. 

For our SME Internship Scheme, we can offer funding to a small and medium enterprise (SME) to help them take you on for a paid internship. 

When you’re approaching SMEs to ask for an internship opportunity, it can feel like you’re asking for something which only you benefit from. However, it’s important to remember that an internship can be mutually beneficial, and SMEs in particular can reap big rewards from taking on a University of Bristol intern. 

Here’s four reasons why recruiting aintern can be good for a small business:  (more…)

Four skills employers are looking for

The top skills employers in the south west are looking for and how you can develop these over the festive season.

What skills are local employers looking for? In the recent Local Sector Skills Statements 2019 produced by Skills West, communication skills featured in the top three most desirable skills listed by employers across eight separate sectors in the south west.   (more…)

#10YearsOfPLUS: Celebrating our Student Leaders

Volunteering roles consistently make up around 30% of the intensive skills submissions on the Bristol PLUS Award, as well as a huge proportion of the work experience submissions. The impact this experience has on students can be extremely far-reaching, both personally and professionally. Volunteering can be a way of getting out of the student bubble, making a difference, giving back, and demonstrating your values – all whilst developing your employability skills. The 2016-17 Outstanding Award projects reflected this benefit, showcasing the significant contributions from students volunteering with organisation from Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad to the NHS.

Hugh Kirby used his role as founder of Sporting Chance – a youth sports project linking the University’s Sport, Exercise and Health Division and local charity 1625 Independent Peopleto achieve a Distinction in the Outstanding Award in his final year at the University of Bristol.


Using the Careers Service as a PhD researcher, pt. 2

This blog is the second of two exploring how using the Careers Service can benefit you as a PhD researcher, each of which consists of an interview conducted via email.

This second part was conducted with a current PhD in Geology.

Remember that all of our services are available to our PhD researchers, both whilst you are registered here and for up to 3 years after you graduate.


My graduate internship experience

I started with The Air Agents in June as part of the University of Bristol’s internship scheme. It seemed like a great opportunity to get some work experience in a field I was actually interested in – a welcome change from the plethora of ads for graduate schemes in recruitment or finance. 

I’d always wanted to stay in Bristol after I graduated, having grown up locally, and had trawled through Indeed for hours, searching for a job which would be rewarding. The internship was a bit of a gamble, but I figured I would end up with experience that could only aid my job hunt.   (more…)