New Enterprise Competition Development stage- Now open!

Basecamp caught up with University of Bristol alumni Adam Chambers, who has start-up business; Applichat. Adam won the Development Stage of the New Enterprise Competition and has shared some of his experiences below.


1.) In a nutshell, what’s your business idea?

Applichat source, automatically pre-screen, then assign job candidates from Facebook & Instagram to recruiters’ workflows.

2.) When was the idea conceived and how did it all start?

I created my first recruitment chatbot for a client in May 2019. The idea arose from recognising some problems in the online English teaching industry:

Too many applicants: Unqualified candidates (often up to 50%) wasted recruiters’ time.

Communication barrier: 68% of candidates offered a job did not accept it, often because Chinese emails were caught in firewalls & never read.

Time zone: The industry is based in China. That makes it 14 hours ahead of most teachers in the Americas.

Using a chatbot for recruitment solves all these: it can pre-qualify & segment candidates, delivers content with 80% + open rates on Facebook Messenger & communicates 24/7.

3.) Which competitions/schemes did you apply for and what was the result?

I applied for the New Enterprise Competition and was awarded £400. (more…)

Equality and Diversity Careers Week is coming!

Equality and Diversity Careers Week 27-31 January

Employers are waking up to the importance of equality and diversity in their graduate recruitment.  According to the Institute of Student Employers, 76% of employers now consider social mobility to be a priority.  

But what does equality and diversity in careers really mean? And how do these values affect you? 

For the week of 27-31 January, the Careers Service and Bristol Students’ Union are putting on fifteen events to explore and celebrate diversity as a workplace strength. 


My internship with the Mayor of Bristol

Usha, a final year student in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, spent her summer as a policy intern with the Mayor of Bristol. We asked her about her experience, and how it is helping her to achieve her career goals.

Why did you decide to do an internship, and to apply for that one in particular?

I received an email from the Careers Service advertising the opportunity. I immediately applied because it was the perfect opportunity for me. The application involved writing a 10,000-character document demonstrating how my experience matched the outlined person specification. It also involved a practical assessment where I completed tasks that were typical day-to-day activities in the Mayor’s Office. After being shortlisted, I was called for interview. My closest friends and family know how much I struggle to gain enough confidence to apply. So, when I made it to interview, I was terrified but also excited.


Four skills employers are looking for

The top skills employers in the south west are looking for and how you can develop these over the festive season.

What skills are local employers looking for? In the recent Local Sector Skills Statements 2019 produced by Skills West, communication skills featured in the top three most desirable skills listed by employers across eight separate sectors in the south west.   (more…)

#10YearsOfPLUS: Celebrating our Student Leaders

Volunteering roles consistently make up around 30% of the intensive skills submissions on the Bristol PLUS Award, as well as a huge proportion of the work experience submissions. The impact this experience has on students can be extremely far-reaching, both personally and professionally. Volunteering can be a way of getting out of the student bubble, making a difference, giving back, and demonstrating your values – all whilst developing your employability skills. The 2016-17 Outstanding Award projects reflected this benefit, showcasing the significant contributions from students volunteering with organisation from Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad to the NHS.

Hugh Kirby used his role as founder of Sporting Chance – a youth sports project linking the University’s Sport, Exercise and Health Division and local charity 1625 Independent Peopleto achieve a Distinction in the Outstanding Award in his final year at the University of Bristol.


Calling all final years and recent graduates! An internship opportunity for you!

The Santander SME Internship Scheme provides quality, paid work experience opportunities for final year students and graduates who completed their degree in the last 18 months.

The internships are 280 hours long and can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis.  (more…)

Developing Enterprise Skills: Social Enterprise Hackathon with Paryavaran Mitra

Colourful bags ready for the rag picking activity

Basecamp Enterprise Team organised a Social Enterprise Hackathon run by Paryavaran Mitra in October 2019. Paryavaran Mitra (PM) is a social enterprise based in Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, India, which uses waste management as a tool to empower rag-picker women.  

We caught up with International MSc Development Student Mercy Okoro, who shared her experiences of the Social Enterprise Hackathon. (more…)

#10YearsOfPLUS: ‘Tis the season…to be recognised and rewarded

The Bristol PLUS Award offers you the perfect platform to challenge yourself to develop new skills. But did you know it gives you recognition for the activities that you are already doing too?

That’s right! As PLUS Award achiever Valeria Saddi explains, “at the beginning of my second year I decided I wanted to challenge myself more. I was already working part time, and I realised that by doing the PLUS Award I could get recognition for the hours of work I was putting in, as well as learning something new and boosting my employability skills.”


6 tips for getting a job in an SME

An SME is a small or medium sized enterprise. Over 99% of businesses in the UK are SMEs employing between 0 and 249 people (House of Commons briefing paper, May 2019). 

There are many benefits to working for a small organisation, find out more in our online guide ‘What is an SME? Why work for one?’

Here are our tips for securing an opportunity with an SME. 


Using the Careers Service as a PhD researcher, pt. 2

This blog is the second of two exploring how using the Careers Service can benefit you as a PhD researcher, each of which consists of an interview conducted via email.

This second part was conducted with a current PhD in Geology.

Remember that all of our services are available to our PhD researchers, both whilst you are registered here and for up to 3 years after you graduate.