Mentoring matters – your chance to open doors and create opportunities

With just one week to go, Bristol Mentors is still open for applications for home UK students returning for study in 2024/25.

Bristol Mentors provides successful student applicants with an alumni mentor working in the sector/industry they are aiming to break into.

Mentorship can be an enriching experience and our student mentees are always happy to tell us more about the range of benefits they have gained whilst on the programme.

Economics and Management student Shivali was invited to attend a Fireside Chat event in London which celebrated Women’s History Month.

“My mentor Paige (the most amazing person anyone could have the fortune to have as a mentor) works for an organisation called GAIN – Girls Are Investors. Attending the event provided me with the opportunity to meet her employer and I have since earned an internship through GAIN which I’m delighted with!

The Fireside Chat itself provided me with invaluable insights into what the working world entails and how to make the most of my career.

One of the panellist’s perspectives deeply resonated with me: ‘Find out what makes yourself you and then just keep getting better at being the best version of you’. It’s so simple. It flipped a switch in my head that I am a unique person with my own individual strengths and weaknesses. What works for someone else might work for me, but it also might not. So take the time to understand yourself and develop those skills that will be in demand but will also suit you.”

Bristol Mentors 2023, Engine Shed

Final year Politics and History undergraduate Harvey was quick to praise his mentor Emily for her support in helping him secure a place on the NHS Graduate Management Scheme (GMTS).

“Emily, my mentor, has been a huge help. She is a fantastic person and an asset to the mentoring team, I cannot speak highly enough of her. Bristol Mentors has provided me with the confidence and skills needed to put my best self forward towards employers and has helped me enormously.

I just wanted to ensure you all know that you provide a life-changing service that the university should put their full support behind.”

Bristol Mentors 2023, Engine Shed

Rose, second year Politics and International Relations student was invited to attend a networking event with her mentor Sarauniya led by PARDN (Public Affairs Racial Diversity Network).

“This was the perfect event to dip my toes into this political sphere and have the chance to engage with professionals in this field, which previously would not have been accessible to me. Going into the event I was slightly nervous as this type of environment can feel daunting. Fortunately, I can say I had a great experience.

Despite being the only student there I felt I was treated with respect and friendliness and gladly walked away with some LinkedIn connections, insight and advice that will definitely stick with me. I feel very fortunate to be granted these types of opportunities and I’m hopeful for more in future!

Visit the Bristol Mentors webpage to check if you are eligible for a place on the Bristol Mentors programme.

Our closing date for applications is midnight on Friday 26 April.

If you have any queries, contact the team on