My SME Internship: Chaeyeon – Learning with Parents

Hi, I’m Chaeyeon. During my second year studying BSc Psychology, I completed an SME Internship as a Content Intern at Learning with Parents. They are an education charity, empowering families, schools, and communities to have enjoyable home-learning facilitated by parental engagement.  

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Parental engagement, involving parents to support child-led learning activities, can be promoted to families of different shapes, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds to tackle educational inequality that is largely driven by early provision.

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By partnering with local schools and organisations in the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), Learning with Parents focuses on developing accessible digital programmes for literacy and maths – foundational skills for children’s life-long learning.  

My internship 

As a Content Intern, my main task was managing subtitles for topic and activity videos that are aligned with the English and Maths school curriculum for Early Years, Year 1 and Year 4. The videos were filmed with children explaining the key topics and demonstrating relevant activities to peers. I added subtitles, reviewed the videos and used feedback from the Content Manager. 

I also worked on three research tasks – researching reading charities, library management systems, and funding for education research. This included finding potential partnership opportunities for the newly developed reading programme, Digital Reading Log, which allows children to record, track, and share their reading progress. 

Caption reads 'This is what the Digital Reading Log looks like.' The image shows a laptop and a phone, which show audio recording in progress. These are accompanied by cartoons of happy koalas in Learning with Parents branding.
This is what the Digital Reading Log looks like.

Aside from my main responsibilities, I also undertook the following: 

  • Research tracker task: creating a dataset for feedback from parental engagement forum and survey.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) task: managing partner school list on the CRM platform.
  • Social media task: managing Twitter activity with activity cards – a shortened version of activity contents.


Throughout the internship, I was able to further develop my interest in child development, education technology, and charity start-ups. Working in an educational charity that develops and promotes the ownership of children broadened my theoretical understanding of play-based learning. I gained practical knowledge about what makes an impactful charity by getting to know more about its main values, strategies, and considerations. There was also a chance to learn further research and data management skills while reading impact reports and producing a summary of them.  

The best thing about my internship was working with a small team of experts in the education and charity sectors. Attending weekly organisational update meetings offered me a great insight into how interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration can connect education and research institutions within and beyond the local communities. Working in both an office in Temple Studio and remote working also taught me how to effectively communicate and maximise the efficiency of work in a hybrid environment.  

I was lucky enough to find this internship opportunity and gained valuable experience with support from Learning with Parents. I strongly recommend you check out opportunities through the SME Internship Scheme! 

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