Everything you need to know about the Outstanding PLUS Awards  

Want to find out more about the Outstanding PLUS Awards? Let’s get all your questions answered.  

What are the Outstanding PLUS Awards?  

Launched last academic year, the Outstanding PLUS Awards (OPA) reward Bristol PLUS Award achievers who have gone above and beyond in their PLUS Award activity. The OPA is so sought after because there are just eight winners every year – one winner per category.  

Why should I apply?  

1. Practice your articulation skills  

By nominating yourself, you will put your articulation skills gained from your PLUS Award to the test.

You will need to reflect on your PLUS Award activity and communicate how your experience meets the brief in your chosen category. This process mimics most job applications, which require you to specify how your university experiences meet the job specification of your chosen role.  

Articulating the value of your experiences isn’t easy, but practice makes perfect! Plus (no pun intended), honing your articulation skills will set you up for success when applying for future opportunities. 

2. Stand out to employers 

Less than five percent of UoB students achieve the PLUS Award every year, and just eight students go on to achieve the OPA.  

Needless to say, achieving the OPA is a guaranteed CV booster and will help you stand out from the crowd. 

3. Your chance to shine  

Life at university can be so fast paced that students oftentimes forget to celebrate their achievements. Use your OPA application to hit pause and bask in your accomplishments!  

We will be featuring OPA winners across our social media channels and broader University media channels. Shortlisted applicants for the OPA will also be invited to an exclusive OPA and PLUS Award celebration event in May 2023. Celebrate with fellow PLUS achievers, network with Endorsing Organisations, and snap a photo in our PLUS Award selfie frame (all this over free nibbles)! 

4. Recommended by past OPA achievers  

“(Nominating yourself for the OPA) is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the year and think about the lessons you will be taking with you. Perhaps you will inspire other students to not just walk the path you’ve walked, but also discover their own path and their own voices.”

Patty Miranda, 21/22 OPA winner (Diverse Partnerships)

How can I apply?  

The OPA is only open to Bristol PLUS Award achievers. You must nominate yourself for the OPA in the same year that you have achieved your PLUS Award.  

To be eligible for the OPA in 22/23 academic year, you must:  

Remember that the OPA is all about your articulation skills. We welcome nominations of all activity types: a large-scale project may have far-reaching implications, but equally, a smaller, “everyday” activity can have a big impact on a smaller scale. We are looking for your ability to meet the brief of your chosen category, so invest some time to plan your nomination and understand the brief of your chosen category.  

You can find out more about the OPA through our OPA guide or OPA blog series