The Growth Support Programme: a springboard to success

The New Enterprise Competition’s (NEC) award-winning Growth Support Programme (GSP) is open for applications.

The NEC is a year-long programme that offers you the chance to build your dream business, taking it from an idea scrawled onto a pub napkin, all the way up to a sustainable, successful, and profitable business.

What does it all mean?

After the initial Ideas and subsequent Development Stage, the final Growth Stage begins. It’s the highest point of the competition, where you will be competing for up to £20,000 in funding for your business.

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The Growth Support Programme aims to prepare you for this final challenge. We do this by pairing you with an experienced business mentor and hosting a series of workshops and tutorials to boost your entrepreneurial skills.

Don’t let uncertainty be a barrier to your success

The life of the entrepreneur doesn’t need to be an exclusive club. Participants across all stages of the NEC have gone on to enjoy business success, and those that have decided that starting their own business wasn’t the right path for them walked away with a host of skills which can be applied to their working life moving forward.

The Basecamp Enterprise team aims to make this path as stress-free and easy to understand as possible.

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We caught up with Artemis Fragkopoulos (Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSc), who had this to say about their experience with Basecamp.

What support has Basecamp offered you?

“One word, presence. I felt and I knew that if I had a problem, a question, an idea, I could go straight to the Basecamp staff, and they could provide me with answers and their thoughts on the matter. Having someone you can turn to for help as a young entrepreneur is of the highest importance and it makes all the difference in the world between failing and succeeding at certain points in our career”.

If you could sum up your experience with Basecamp so far in one sentence what would it be?

“I am now closer to being successful”.

How have you found being part of the New Enterprise Competition?

“I have learned so much valuable information, met a lot of people and expanded my network with people who think like me, who have greater experience than me, and who have gone on to do the things that I want to do someday”.

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Don’t let these opportunities pass you by and take advantage of the guidance that we at Basecamp can offer.

Apply to the Growth Support Programme today, and if you have any questions at all regarding the world of entrepreneurship, email us a

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