Finding a graduate job at a careers fair – Blue Frontier 

At our spring careers fair, Get Hired, student Jamie approached Blue Frontier. As a result, he secured a full-time position with them. 

We spoke to Michael Raisbeck, Cyber Security Consultant at Blue Frontier, and Jamie to hear about how a conversation at a careers fair turned into a stepping stone to an opportunity.

Michael Raisbeck – Blue Frontier 

“Blue Frontier is a full-service digital agency with offices based in Salisbury, Southampton, and Bristol. Our team of designers, developers, marketers, and IT and Cyber Security specialists work collaboratively to create exceptional designs, strategies and services tailored to a business’s needs and requirements. At Blue Frontier, our primary goal is to create digital experiences that excite, inspire and provide value to our clients. 

I was particularly impressed by Jamie during the event. He approached us purposefully and smartly dressed, armed with well-prepared questions and demonstrating a clear interest in our company and the cybersecurity field in general. His personal drive to self-educate, along with his participation in industry events such as Capture the Flags, really made him stand out. 

During his interview, Jamie was clear, concise, articulate, and most importantly, enthusiastic. His obvious drive to learn, and passion for cybersecurity put him head and shoulders above other candidates. His extra-curricular activities and personal drive to further his knowledge and education were traits that I appreciated. 

For students attending career fairs, we would recommend being presentable and coming prepared with an explanation of why you are interested in your chosen field. Evidence of extracurricular activities, participation in related clubs, and any projects or work experience that translate to your chosen field will certainly catch our attention. It is crucial to be able to explain a basic understanding of your chosen career, why you are suited to the role and why you would be the ideal candidate.” 

 “Hi, I’m Jamie 

I approached Blue Frontier with as much confidence and enthusiasm as I could because I understood that as someone who dropped out of university after second year I was not going to be the best pick for them.  

I believe the reason I got hired was because I wasn’t interviewing the person at the stand, and was instead just trying to have a genuine conversation about what goes on at the company and who they are trying to hire.

It was pure chance that they were hiring for cybersecurity, which I had been studying in my own time.  

Getting this role meant that I was able to stay in Bristol after graduation, which I was really pleased about. It’s a remote role which offers flexibility and means I can choose to go into the office and meet some of my co-workers. 

I chose to work for Blue Frontier because they took a chance on me and really gave me the opportunity to prove myself as being capable despite not completing my studies.  

I can’t recommend enough going to the careers fairs, there is no better way to get hired.  

I’d like to add that the Careers Service was an amazing help when it came to demystifying the process of applying for jobs and pointing me in the right direction. Make the most of them! 


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