How to make the most of Gradcracker: Advice for STEM students

“There are plenty of opportunities available for students looking for STEM placements and jobs! This is a great chance to discover where your degree can take you.”

In October, Gradcracker’s Jessica Luck presented to Bristol students. Gradcracker is the UK’s career website for science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) students. The online event outlined how to use the Gradcracker website to search for placements and graduate jobs within the STEM industry.

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Key features of the Gradcracker website:

The event highlighted some of the many features available on the Gradcracker website, here are some of the best ones:

1) Access a wide variety of employers and a range of opportunities within STEM.

There are so many different employers using Gradcracker to advertise their opportunities to students across the UK. Employers range from major multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and research organisations. You can access employer information by clicking on their logo next to the advertised role. This brings you to the employer hub offering key facts about the company.

Filters are available to focus your search for roles. This means you can look for opportunities depending on the length, the type, location, your year group and the discipline or area of industry you are most interested in.

2) The Career Coach is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for different opportunities and navigate the application process. It includes helpful resources on how you can secure a placement or get career-ready while in university.

3) STEM Societies serves as a platform for STEM societies from UK universities to present information about what the society does.

Employers are able to interact with this area of the Gradcracker website by “liking” relevant societies. This indicates that the employer wants to hear from the society’s members. Thus, when employers see a “liked” society on an applicant’s CV, they already have an indication of potential skills or experiences the applicant has developed through their extra-curricular interests.

4) The Dashboard allows you to view your favourite employers, and shortlisted opportunities, and set alerts for upcoming application deadlines.

5) The Gradcracker team hosts weekly webinars, typically running every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. These webinars showcase one employer per week, giving great insight into the company and the role.

6) The Application Tracker allows you to keep track of various aspects of your application. This can include what you have written in the application, specific questions you want to ask employers, and even whether you were successful or not

Incredibly, these features are all completely free to access. Register on the Gradcracker website to begin searching for career opportunities in your desired STEM field!

Incredibly, these features are all completely free to access. Register on the Gradcracker website to begin searching for career opportunities in your desired STEM field!

Application Top Tips

After the main presentation, Jessica provided some more advice about finding and applying for opportunities. Here are three of her top application tips:

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1) Access Gradcracker at least once a week. Given that we are entering the peak of the application season, Gradcracker is extremely useful in keeping students updated on any new or upcoming roles posted on the website by employers.

2) Use the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result). On Gradcracker, job descriptions often contain a short section highlighting the necessary competencies or skills employers look for in potential applicants. Apply the STAR technique to demonstrate how you have displayed key skills including communication, networking, or problem-solving abilities.

3)  Read the job description. The job description is provided to understand exactly what your potential future employer is looking for and can help you decide whether the opportunity is a right fit. All job descriptions on Gradcracker are written by the Gradcracker team and are frequently updated with new information.

Caught your interest?

If you are keen to learn more about how to find opportunities using the Gradcracker website, head on over to mycareer to book the next Gradcracker event on Wednesday 29 November.