Outstanding PLUS Awards: Meet the winners 2023/24!

Meet the outstanding eight who have won this year’s Outstanding PLUS Awards for going above and beyond their Bristol PLUS Award activity.

What are the Outstanding PLUS Awards (OPA)?

The OPA celebrates Bristol PLUS Award achievers who have made a significant change or impact in their PLUS Award activity.

There are eight award categories, with just one winner per category. This quality of nominations this year was exceptional, with 139 nominations across the eight categories.

OPA winners were selected by a panel of external judges, comprising of employability experts and professionals from varying sectors.

Better World

Brief: Tackle global challenges in a local or global context, making a better world in a big or small way.

Lucca Froud – Politics and International Relations (BSc)

Feeling disheartened about the UK government’s inaction on water pollution and its impact on climate change, Lucca decided to run 7 marathons in 7 days, from London to Paris as a novice runner.

He successfully raised £10,000 for WildFish, a charity that protects our fish and their waters.

Change Maker

Brief: Create positive change in your community or workplace, by solving a problem or improving a process.

Tom Allan – Mechanical Engineering (MEng)

As Treasurer of the Rugby Club, Tom led efforts to improve financial management and enhance the club’s sense of community.

By implementing transparent budget practices and resolving conflicts constructively, he played a vital role in driving the club’s advancement and unity.

Civic Superstar

Brief: Make a positive difference to the people you serve, by being a community hero in your neighbourhood.

Erin Goodwin – Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

After witnessing her Grandad’s decline with dementia and the strain on the care sector, Erin felt driven to act and became a domiciliary carer.

In a post-pandemic world, she provided personalised care and companionship to vulnerable members of the community, supporting their return to societal routines.

Diverse Partnerships

Brief: Collaborate with diverse groups to design inclusive solutions to problems.

Rajasree Rajan Unnithan – Data Science (MSc)

Rajasree maximised efficiency and time-savings as a Senior Data Analysts at Clootrack.

Her commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaborative synergies helped position the company for sustained growth and success.

Everyday Hero

Brief: A reliable team player, inspiring others by bringing energy and enthusiasm to your work.

Jack Bradbury – Biology (BSc)

As a trading assistant at Sainsbury’s, Jack upheld a strong work ethic and prioritised customer satisfaction.

From aiding non-English speaking customers to managing Wi-Fi outages, he ensured smooth operations and positive experiences.


Brief: Develop a new idea in response to a real-world problem.

Daniel Virin – Economics and Politics (BSc)

As the founder of Cribster, Daniel is committed to transforming the way students find compatible flatmates at university, through a platform designed to improve shared living experiences.

His nomination highlights his ambition to tackle a critical element of student wellbeing, demonstrating innovative and solution-focused entrepreneurship.


Brief: Demonstrate inner strength in overcoming personal challenges in pursuit of your PLUS Award.

Archie Wills-Johnson – Biology (BSc)

Archie demonstrated resilience by overcoming a spine surgery which left him with long-term neuropathic pain.

After his surgery, he became Vice President of Bristol Barracuda and started a Flag Football program, championing inclusivity in a sport with traditionally high barriers to entry.

Wellbeing Champion

Brief: Improve the student experience or wellbeing of others in your community or workplace.

Blair Thomson – Religion and Theology (MPhil)

As a Youth and Adult Development charity worker, Blair managed and delivered arts sessions for young people and a wellbeing group for adults.

He utilised creative activities to successfully address mental health issues, nurturing young volunteers and enabling the adult group to become self-sufficient.


We continue to be inspired by the exceptional students who have put themselves forward for the OPA.

Whether you are a winner, honourable mention, or OPA nominee – we celebrate you!

This year, the OPA winners were announced at a celebration event in Bristol Beacon, before the Get Hired careers fair. It was an exciting opportunity to network with the OPA judging panel and celebrate their achievements alongside OPA nominees and Bristol PLUS Award achievers.   

Coming up next…

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