Aamir: Barista, Volunteer, Bristol PLUS Achiever!

This year, 1,700 students signed up for the challenge of the Bristol PLUS Award, giving their CVs a boost and reflecting on the value of their extra-curricular experiences.  

We caught up with Aamir Mehmood, 2nd Year Biology BSc, who achieved his PLUS Award back in January, to find out how he built up his 70 hours experience!

A photo of Aamir, smiling
Aamir Mehmood, Bristol PLUS Award Achiever 2021-22

‘I have found out I am a lot more resourceful and resilient than I thought. I’m proud to have discovered this through my PLUS award experience’ 


Aamir achieved his 70 hours through working a part time job as a barista, and volunteering at Brandon Hill as a gardening volunteer.

‘I wanted to volunteer locally and find something where I could really make some difference, helping other members of my community keeping Brandon Hill pristine and looking its best was the most fun opportunity I found.’

Taking part in extra-curricular opportunities is a great way to broaden your horizons and gain new experiences – that’s why your PLUS Award rewards you for getting active outside your studies. 

Brandon Hill tower and park in Spring with blue sky and groups sitting on the grassI enjoyed the aspect where I met many new people that I wouldn’t have met through the usual university channels, all of which have lived in Bristol for a great portion of their lives, they’ve seen the city’s development first hand and wanted to preserve something that is of great significance to the community. I am happy that I played a part.’ 

The Bristol PLUS Award deadline is coming up on 10 June – so there’s still time to build up your 70 hours if you’re not quite there. Check out myopportunites and Bristol Hub for volunteering opportunities to help out your local community, or check part time jobs listings on mycareer. 

Remember, experience from anywhere in the world and from any point since the start of your course counts, so login to your account to track those hours! 

Not registered yet? Registration will open again in September 2022, but you can get started now by building your hours of extra-curricular experience!