My SME Internship: Alex – Senmag Robotics

Greetings from a second-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student. My name is Alex and I completed a month-long SME internship for the company Senmag Robotics. A photo of Alex smiling.

I was tasked with coding demos using the Unity game engine. The demos showcase the functionality and potential applications of the device that the company is developing.

In short, this device is meant to give you three-dimensional precise control and haptic feedback. This allows you to feel virtual objects and effects as if they are physically present.

I carried out my internship remotely, but I did receive a VR headset and one of their devices to play with (and by play, I of course mean responsibly troubleshoot newly written scripts and test added features!).

The work itself was very fun (when my code worked, that is) and satisfying, as I could immediately see and feel the result of what I had made. Working with this device was inspiring and new ideas came fairly easily. This was useful since one of my tasks was to suggest what demos to make and what to add to them.

Alex using the device he was sent.

It’s worth mentioning how I found this internship; back in March, as a Bristol PLUS Award achiever, I received an email inviting me to an online course on intrapreneurial training run by the IKEEP programme. This led to a short, interdisciplinary project placement for a real company in a team of three students.


I was matched with Senmag Robotics and after the placement ended, they were kind enough to ask if I was interested in an internship with them. In hindsight, I couldn’t have known that getting the Bristol PLUS award last year or participating in the IKEEP programme would lead to a summer internship, but it turned out that they helped me in that way as well.

Alex using the VR headset and device he was sent.

What I learned from this experience is that extracurricular activities can boost employability. You not only learn new things and receive accreditation; you also add to your CV and find good networking opportunities.

Overall, going through this internship taught me a lot, from managing my work time and setting realistic goals to learning how to use the Unity engine and developing VR applications.

I feel lucky to have found what feels like a rare combination. I undertook engaging and degree-relevant work, and had kind, approachable employers, who made this a genuinely positive experience for me.

Alex’s internship was supported by our SME Internship Scheme.A smiling student.