Getting to know the Outstanding PLUS Awards: Diverse Partnerships and Civic Superstar

Bristol PLUS Award students undertake a huge range of activities, and develop an abundance of skills and experiences. The Outstanding PLUS Awards launched in 2021-22 to further celebrate students for making outstanding personal contributions, whatever their chosen activity. 

In this blog, we’re looking at two of the Award categories, and some examples of nominees from our very first Outstanding PLUS Awards cohort.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about what our Outstanding PLUS Awards students got up to, check out the other related posts on our blog and you can find more information on our webpage.

Diverse Partnerships 

This category is all about building partnerships and articulating the relationships that you’ve built. This is an important skill that you can develop through loads of different activities.  

A photo of Patty outdoors, smiling
Patty Miranda, Year 1 Health, Law and Society LLM

Patty Miranda was last year’s winner in this category. Her nomination articulated how she built partnerships through her activity of raising awareness of the effects of climate change: 

‘I collaborated with various health activist groups, working with different groups meant more opportunities for my message to reach a wider audience. Our collective voices were featured in ‘COP26: Stories from the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency’. 


A photo of Shahid, smiling
Shahid Khalid, Year 2 Stem Cells and Regeneration MSc


Shahid Khalid was awarded an Honourable Mention from the judges for his nomination in this category. His activity was presenting to school students, to encourage more BAME representation in STEM subjects. 

 ‘I created a presentation in partnership with multiple teams, all with different perspectives and backgrounds, assisting me to work towards one inclusive goal’ 

Building partnerships is a skill that can be developed through a range of activities, like nominees Yun Yang, who completed an internship and built working relationships with colleagues from diverse career paths, and Nicholas Ming, who brought Badminton players together, by creating the Malaysian and Singaporean Badminton Team. 

Civic Superstar 

This category is about making a positive difference to a community and articulating how you went above and beyond to support others with an outstanding contribution to your role.  

A photo of Tania, smiling
Tania Nzembela, Year 4 Biochemistry (MSci)


Tania Nzembela, worked as a hospital support worker, and was last year’s winner in this category: 

‘Working in a hospital has always allowed me to support my friends, colleagues and community’ 



Marah Alassaf was awarded an honourable mention in this category – her activity working as an interpreter allowed her to support the refugee community: 

A photo of Marah outside the Wills building, smiling
Marah Alassaf, Year 1 Digital Health and Care PhD

‘I choose to help refugees who are trying to adjust to a new country and face the language barrier every day and coping with the stress of building a life in their new country’ 

Supporting a community can be achieved through loads of different activities, like nominees Shraddha Sriraman who volunteered educating young people about knife crime, and Ijeoma Egbarin who represented her peers in student leadership roles, as president of the ACS (African and Caribbean Society), and chair of the Black Students Network. 


Taking part in activities for the Bristol PLUS allows you to develop a vast range of skills. You can apply for an Outstanding PLUS Award in whichever category allows you to best highlight the skills you developed in your activity!  

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Nominations close in March, and to take part you’ll need to have completed your Bristol PLUS Award in the same academic year. So, make sure to register for the PLUS Award – introductory talks will be held from Welcome Week!