What is the Ideation fund and why should you apply?

The Ideation fund is a 7-week experimental learning programme, (running between the 2 November- 14 December), which provides applicants with specialist training, support and funding for founders who want to explore and test out an early-stage start-up idea. This programme is sponsored by The Bristol Grid.

Here are all the things you need to know to see if this programme is right for you: 


1.Develop your skills and expand your knowledge

The programme involves a series of online and in-person events and workshops that take place every Wednesday afternoon. Workshops will be led by industry professionals and will include topics such as value proposition, understanding your mindset and your customer, marketing your business and goal setting. 

You will also reflect on your learnings, by submitting weekly workbooks, applying them to your start-up development. 

‘’It was a great source of motivation, and I learnt an incredible amount about how businesses run.’’  


2. It’s funded! 

You will be awarded £200 in funding to put towards anything that will support your business idea if you successfully complete the 7-week programme by: 

  1. Attending all weekly workshops on Wednesday afternoons 
  2. Complete and upload your workbooks after each weekly workshop 
  3. Present your “Next Steps” of your business to the programme cohort in the final workshop 


3. Grow your network 

You’ll have the opportunity to expand your professional network by meeting others that are wanting to start a business and are at a similar stage as you. Starting a business can be a lonely place, so growing your network is extremely important so you can lean on others for support and advice. 

This programme is also supported by the Bristol Grid, a platform designed to connect entrepreneurs with the right people, resources and events so you can expand your knowledge and expertise. Those successful in joining the programme will join a locked group in the Bristol Grid where you will have the chance to keep the conversation going with peers. 

“Listening to all the future start-ups that I was surrounded by really excited me. Across the different sessions, I have learnt a lot from my peers just by listening to them. I was also able to get some very important feedback on my start-up as well which was really helpful.”  


4. Stop the Impostor Syndrome

The Ideation fund Programme is best suitable for early-stage start-ups. You might just be starting to explore your idea, be developing a prototype, or need support finding a route to market. If you feel like you are not yet ready for this stage, stop doubting yourself and apply! 

“I was connected to a multitude of people which is great. The Bristol Grid is an amazing resource I plan to use in the future when I am in the further stages of the development of my start-up. Furthermore, the feedback I was getting from the team and my peers was invaluable and taken into account while working on my start-up. I plan to stay in touch and hopefully get further help in the future.” 


So there you have it, 4 reasons why you should apply for the Ideation fund Programme. And if you are still unsure, just remember you’ve got nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain!  

For more information visit our resource to find out more. 

Applications open Tuesday, 20 September