My SME Internship: Nathan – Purplefish

Nathan is a Politics and International Relations graduate who worked as a Social Media intern at Purplefish as part of the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) Internship Scheme.

A photo of Nathan, smiling.

Hi, I’m Nathan and I was recently given the opportunity to spend a month as a PR and Social Media Intern at Purplefish, an award-winning, Bristol-based PR and communications firm. Admittedly, I held preconceived notions that an internship would be a relatively uninspired experience that would be undertaken solely for the CV boosting prospects. However, in reality, I couldn’t be further from the truth. 

By my second day, I found myself diving straight into the deep end, presenting competitor market research to new clients in an intensive discovery session. Since then, I’ve been busy gaining valuable insight and experience in all aspects of PR, communications and social media management. Purplefish’s expertise and creativity have allowed them to attract a wide breadth of clients spanning multiple industries. While interning, I became fully involved in the PR management of a wide range of businesses. 

This experience allowed me to gain invaluable experience with all things PR and Communications.

My day-to-day tasks included:

  • Media monitoring for a significant UK industry body 
  • Press release drafting and pitching for corporate and civic clients 
  • Social media management for a national law firm 
  • Event planning for highly respected Bristol charities 
  • Marketing activities for Purplefish 

Undertaking all the above activities has allowed me to take the skills I developed through my studies into the world of work. As a result, I now feel confident in my knowledge and abilities as I enter full-time employment. 

Benefits of the SME Internship Scheme

Not only was I able to get hands-on experience within the PR industry but I was also able to develop a portfolio and boost my CV. I am now ready to enter the world of work and continue to develop my skillset for a successful career in communications”. 

Feel inspired?

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The SME Internship Scheme will be opening later this month. Check out our website for more information about the Scheme. 

If you have any questions about the scheme, or anything else relating to careers you can speak to us on live chat.

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