Graduate stories: Yasmin Gledhill, Frontline Graduate Intern

Frontline is an organisation that is creating social change for children who do not have safe or stable homes, by developing excellent social work practice and leadership.

We recently caught up with History graduate, Yasmin, to hear about her experience taking part in the Frontline Graduate Internship.

Yasmin Gledhill, Frontline Graduate Intern (Selection Coordinator)

“Like many soon-to-be graduates, in spring 2022 I found myself feeling apprehensive about post-University life and tirelessly searching for new opportunities. I studied History at the University of Bristol and knew that while it opened lots of doors in the world of careers, I didn’t know which door to pick.

During my degree, I’d mainly focused on the stories of historically under-represented groups, for instance, exploring significant race and migration histories in the UK and beyond. Yet, I didn’t feel entirely confident about how I was going to transfer the skills and knowledge that I’d acquired.

Alongside my studies, I’d started getting involved with a few local charities in Bristol. These wonderful experiences gave me valuable insight into the social impact sector, community engagement and volunteer recruitment. They began to sow the seeds for my intention to begin a career based on social impact.

So, when I saw the Frontline graduate internship I thought jackpot! I knew it was rare to find paid internship experience within the charity sector. I really liked that the organisation’s social values ran through the core of their work. Frontline’s mission to ensure no child’s life chances are limited by their social or family circumstance really spoke to me, and I wanted to aid the team in recruiting a diverse, inclusive team of social workers.

The internship

The internship has taught me so much about recruitment, social work and the charity sector in general. Through organising and facilitating assessment centres for the Frontline programme, I’ve developed my problem-solving skills and learnt how to work effectively under pressure. The fast-paced nature of the organisation means you also develop impeccable organisational skills.

Similarly, Frontline’s culture of freedom and responsibility has allowed me to get involved with a variety of different projects. For instance, I joined the Recruitment Diversity Working Group which leads on recommendations for improvements across the wider team to achieve greater diversity and inclusion. Through this group, I started a ‘Speak Up’ event series with my colleague and ran an outreach event for prospective South Asian social workers. Alongside this event, I’ve had workshops on diversity and anti-racism and really developed my understanding of the significance of recruiting social workers from different backgrounds. Overall, I’ve developed a wide array of skills and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with kind, hard-working colleagues.

The experience has solidified the fact that I want to base my career on social impact and has given me an undeniably valuable insight into the largest social work charity in England. Being a part of the everyday running of Frontline has immensely prepared me for the world of work by developing my teamwork, flexibility and organisational skills. Having really enjoyed getting involved with the team’s diversity projects, I intend to use this experience to look for roles related to diversity and inclusion or community engagement. I’m very grateful for all I’ve learnt at Frontline and hope to continue the organisation’s values of shared purpose and valuing difference wherever I do end up. ”

Frontline’s graduate internship is now open and we recommend applying early to avoid disappointment.

You can find out more and apply on their website. 

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