My IKEEP project helping to protect children online 

The IKEEP programme offers students free business training and industry experience through a paid team placement with a small enterprise.

Marketing undergraduate Nina tells us about her IKEEP project placement with non-profit Better Together and how it’s inspired her future career plans. 

Nina, can you tell us about your IKEEP project with Better Together?

Marketing student Nina Yang

Better Together offers workshops and resources on online safety, specifically targeting parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals working with children and young people. They also provide workshops tailored to adult internet use.

The workshops aim to address concerns and provide guidance on internet safety for children and adults, dealing with inappropriate content, and the importance of safeguarding personal information. 

Our team was asked to create an implementable GDPR (data protection and privacy) strategy for Better Together. The project aimed to develop an implementable records management plan, including operational processes and strategic planning. I was responsible for researching the importance of GDPR and the steps needed to apply it. 

What new skills or strengths did you learn from doing IKEEP that you can apply to your studies? 

The IKEEP project involved researching, collecting information and analysing data on the GDPR. I had the opportunity to improve my research skills, including conducting literature reviews, evaluating sources and synthesising information.

These research skills will be valuable for future academic pursuits, enabling me to conduct thorough and rigorous research for assignments, dissertations and projects.

What new ideas have you had about your future career since taking part in IKEEP?

Being involved in this project has made me more aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – when companies look at their impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.

It has made me more aware of the need for businesses to actively contribute to social and environmental causes beyond their primary objectives.  

Nina in Paris

It has inspired me to look for work in organisations that prioritise CSR, where I can contribute to initiatives that make a positive impact on society. 

What does it feel like to know you have contributed to this really important work protecting children?

I have the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that the work I have done and the collective efforts of the team have contributed to ensuring the safety and well-being of children in the digital space.

It has enhanced a sense of purpose and achievement knowing that the knowledge and skills I have gained are being used in a meaningful way. Child protection is vital work and it is satisfying to contribute to this work, knowing that I am making a positive impact on their well-being. 

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