Work with us next year!

Each year we recruit a team of current students to come and work with us at the Careers Service. They are an integral part of our team and work on a wide range of exciting tasks.

From working face-to-face with fellow students to creating content for blogs and our social media channels, supporting the Bristol PLUS Award and getting involved in employer events, and even helping students develop their entrepreneurial skills – we don’t know where we would be without them!

We are excited to say that applications are now open for next year’s team.

All of these roles are part-time and designed to fit around your studies.

You’ll receive full training and will gain valuable, transferable skills through working in a professional environment, such as teamwork, time management, and communication skills. We have also been told, it’s a lot of fun to work with us!

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

(NB: All roles will begin in September, so you must be a current student as of September to apply.)

Follow the links to mycareer to find out more and apply. Applications are open until Sunday 18 June 2023.

We caught up with some of this year’s team to hear a little more about their roles and why they think you should apply:

Devanshi, Career Peer Support Assistant

“I’m a Career Peer Support Assistant and I triage students as they enter 5 Tyndall Avenue as well as respond to emails and Live Chat conversations. 

The Careers Service team are all amazing to work with and I genuinely look forward to coming in and seeing everyone. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know more about what the uni offers and making the most of that myself!”

Zubair, Employer Events Ambassador

“Although I was mainly responsible for communicating with external employers to build stronger relationships with them, I ended up doing a lot more than that – I wrote around 5 blogs for the Career Service, moderated several events by top employers including BDO and NHS, and worked at Get Hired which was attended by hundreds of students (where I got free breakfast and lunch!)


I highly recommend applying for a position at the Careers Service as it not only gives you an opportunity to make yourself marketable to employers through this experience but also allows you to support other students and make a difference.”

Hana, Marketing and Communications Intern – Social Media

“I am the Social Media Marketing and Communications Intern, and the face behind all the socials posts you’ve seen this year! As part of my role I plan, create and schedule all the content for our social media campaigns.

This could be taking photos and videos at events, posting and interacting with you on Instagram and planning marketing campaigns with my colleagues.

I’ve really enjoyed working at the Careers Service, as the role is flexible and fits within my university schedule and I’ve learnt loads of transferrable skills that have helped me land a job after graduating!”

Da, Student Enterprise Ambassador

“I work for the university’s start-up accelerator and pre-incubator, the Basecamp Enterprise Team. as a student representative. This has involved a diverse range of work, from running initiatives aimed at tackling barriers faced by traditionally underrepresented groups in the business world, to supporting the running of the University’s New Enterprise Competition.


Working for the Careers Service is ideal because it is linked to the wider world and a great stepping-stone out of academia. You can learn about yourself and are able to personally develop yourself, acquiring transferrable interpersonal and professional skills.”

Sam, Marketing and Communications Intern – Content Creation

“I support the Careers Service in promoting its services and events to students and other key stakeholders. More specifically I prepare the YourCareer newsletter, write and proofread blogs, and help create content like videos for social media.

Sam, Marketing and Communications Intern

Above all else, I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of what I do in this job. Every week is different from the last!

Whether that means attending an event, filming a video, or meeting someone new; I love that I’m never bored and always have something new and exciting to get my teeth into.

“The Careers Service is a great place to work as they support you to develop your skills and interests so that you can not only support the Service but also grow yourself. They also support me to feel really embedded within the team and able to play an active part in the Service’s work.”

Thinking of applying?

Two of our student workers at Get Hired

We have lots of resources to help you:

Top tip: Read the job description thoroughly on mycareer, each role asks for a different focus in the cover letter, and some have tasks as well.

If you have any questions, check out the roles in mycareer to see who the contact is.

We look forward to you joining our team!