How to succeed in a graduate programme: top tips from FDM.

Ready to start your first job? Graduate programmes are a popular choice for graduates, offering a great way to kickstart your professional journey.

These programmes are designed to prepare you for the job market, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out from the competition.

At FDM, we’ve been connecting people with technology for over 30 years. Our graduate programmes attract thousands of individuals each year, helping them discover exciting opportunities in business and tech.

But what skills are recruiters looking for in candidates? The FDM recruitment team spill the beans…

In a fast-paced industry like tech, the ability to navigate new software and systems quickly is a huge bonus. According to Samantha Sadler, Graduate Recruiter & University Partnerships Consultant at FDM:

‘In the Tech industry, adaptability and resilience are both incredibly important skills to have and these are some of the things I look for when recruiting. The tech industry is constantly evolving, and consultants need to be able evolve with it in order to remain competitive in the market.’ 

Samantha Sadler, FDM
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Communication and problem-solving

In a tech role, you can expect to work on projects that require collaboration with people from different backgrounds. Communication is a key skill to excel in this role. Innovative problem-solving is another skill that employers tend to favour as it allows them to see your approach to dealing with challenges and how calm you stay under pressure.

‘To join the FDM graduate programme we are looking for someone with a passion for technology, a problem solver and a great communicator. FDM consultants have a fantastic opportunity to train and upskill before then going to put those skills into practice and make real change within one of our many clients.’

Amy Clarkson, Graduate Recruitment Team Lead

Have an open mind

Consultants play a key role in helping businesses solve complex problems like analysing data, developing strategies, or implementing innovative solutions. An open mind is crucial as you may discover unexpected enjoyment in new industries. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to gain an understanding of IT projects and the software development lifecycle. Interacting with different teams and stakeholders provides unexpected insights into other roles and their interactions.

‘I would recommend anyone who joins the graduate programme to really make the most of the training and the expert resources available and keep an open mind as every opportunity opens an exciting door to success.’

Amy Clarkson, Graduate Recruitment Team Lead

Being an FDM consultant

The main focus of consultancy is flexibility, supporting clients from various sectors on diverse projects.

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‘Consulting offers a non-linear career path. Consultants can enhance their skills and transition into new areas over time. Additionally, it provides tangible work experience and real-life projects to discuss and showcase to prospective employers.’

Jack Gibson, Specialist Team Lead at FDM

‘FDM essentially provides you with a chance to kickstart, change, evolve, better your career in IT and business industries. Receiving an accredited training and having the opportunity to work with different companies, projects to upskill even further is just a bonus!’

Halil Ibrahim, EMEA Graduate Recruiter at FDM

So, if you’re considering a career in consultancy, rest assured that graduate programmes can be a valuable pathway to enter this field. 

They provide the necessary training and support to help you thrive in a consultancy role, while also building a strong foundation for your future career.

Remember, the journey of starting your career can be exciting and sometimes challenging, but with the right mindset, determination, and a solid support system, you can achieve great things.

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