My SME Internship: Yueqi – New Silk Route

Hi, I’m Yueqi.  In the final year of my postgraduate studying Marketing (Msc), I luckily found an SME Internship as a Marketing Intern for New Silk Route.

A photo of Yueqi smiling.

My internship included writing content on social media platforms, such as writing posts to attract customers to enquire about the company’s services and close deals.

Most of the time I worked remotely but I still needed to meet with customers to fulfill their desires and offer appropriate services. 

My internship gave me a fundamental understanding of marketing, especially how to run social media platforms.

I really respect New Silk Route as they are able to transform customers’ needs into specific social media posts and ultimately meet their needs. They manage lots of complex projects and schedules with a very small team and in a quick turnaround still manage to produce assets and content successfully. 

I gained so many skills including: 

  • picture editing 
  • customer relationship management 
  • content writing for social media 
  • assembling and analysing data 
  • customer relationship management and marketing skills 

I really enjoyed working as part of a team. My colleagues were very encouraging and it was exciting working to fulfil different requests every week, which meant writing post content. My manager was always ready to teach me how to create a popular post and how to perform better. 

To prepare for the internship, I spent some time in advance learning to edit photos and videos. I also read many magazines and the news in order to find out the current popular topics and trends in social media.

“At first, my internship was quite challenging. Although I have some marketing experience, I had never worked in content marketing. I overcame the challenges and felt that I was making progress during the internship. “

The SME Internship Scheme gave me a chance to experience working in the UK and I will recommend other people apply to the scheme. 

Some of you may be nervous about applying, so here are my tips: 

  1. Find a job that relates to your ambitions if you can but remember that one of the key things is getting some work experience and learning about the world of work.  
  1. Write down notes and record the progress you make. It is so helpful to reflect on what you learn and the impacts of your work as you go. This will help you when you come to writing your next CV and cover letter and speaking about the role in interviews in the future. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is not easy to do this but do your best to try new things and accept you might make mistakes, this is a normal part of learning. 

I hope you get to enjoy some work experience through the SME Internship Scheme and learn the skills you need in the future! 

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