Employer Showcase spotlight: Meet Josh from Delaware

Our annual 2-day careers fair, the Employer Showcase is back! Join us on Wednesday 11 October and Thursday 12 October from 12:30 pm to 4 pm at Bristol Beacon.

The Employer Showcase is a great opportunity to network with employers from a variety of sectors and see what opportunities are available. This year, Delaware is one of our fair sponsors and will be coming along to chat with students over both days. We recently caught up with Josh Westwell to hear about his experience taking part in Delaware’s analyst programme.

Discovering a career in the technology industry

“A year down the line in my career at Delaware, I have realised that every graduate analyst has a different career journey.

Josh from Delaware

From studying Politics at the University of Liverpool, to joining a different graduate scheme in the transport industry, I never saw myself as someone who could join the technology industry. But after gaining some valuable management experience in my previous role, I realised that project management was an area that I was passionate about.

Alongside my experiences after University, I found an interest in technology and began to read around the topic. I realised that technology consultancy and client-focused work was a great way to get involved with many different kinds of businesses, try a variety of roles and contribute to a company ethos that I really believe in.

When I found Delaware online, I wasn’t sure if the Analyst scheme would be interested in someone who did not have a technical background. Even more so, I had found that IT was one of the biggest issues in my previous role, which made me realise that a great IT system is something fundamental to modern businesses. Without any knowledge of ERP, I decided to apply to the graduate scheme at Delaware.

The application process

The Delaware team asked more about my character, such as work ethic, interests, strengths and weaknesses, than they did about my previous experience or technical background.

I think the Delaware recruitment team knew that technical skills, whilst they are valuable, can be taught. Soft skills and attitude are what Delaware really looks for in its candidates, and I was pleased to accept a position in the Delaware graduate program.

My career at Delaware

In my first year, I managed project financials, organised my own team, got involved in Delaware’s charitable society (WeCare), attended countless graduate social events and travelled the UK on various projects.

All of these experiences have been fantastic, but what I love most about Delaware is the people.

Delaware has a unique high-performance culture which is open and supportive and embraces collaboration and teamwork in every aspect of the company. Our open culture means you are always heard if you want to make suggestions. There is nobody within Delaware that I would feel uncomfortable approaching, regardless of seniority.

I cannot recommend Delaware enough to new graduates of all backgrounds. My only advice would be to be yourself in the application process and bring your all to the role.”


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