Supercharge your employability with the Bristol PLUS Award!

Open to all students – undergraduate and postgraduate – the Bristol PLUS Award offers a gateway to gaining invaluable employability skills.

Whether through volunteering, gaining practical work experience, or attending tailor-made workshops, the Bristol PLUS Award is your key to standing out in today’s competitive job market.

Hear some first-hand PLUS Award testimonials from our students from diverse backgrounds, who are studying different degrees and carving unique career paths, to discover how the PLUS Award could benefit you.

Klára Přečková, Study Abroad (History Pathway)

BristolGrad, 2022/23 PLUS Award achiever

“As a postgraduate student, the anxiety of job hunting brought a lot of self-doubt. The PLUS Award activities were a soft push and a useful source of motivation to sort out my CV and prepare myself for the hiring process. 

“The PLUS Award gave me a goal to follow and forced me to go out and meet new people, which in the end made my semester abroad a wonderful experience.” 

Mengying Yan, International Human Resource Management (MSc) BristolGrad, 2022-23 PLUS Award achiever

“Every time I volunteered (as part of my PLUS Award), I met new people and learned about the local community. I improved my English and enhanced my understanding of British culture.”  

Bella Ricketts, third-year Biology (BSc)

2022/23 PLUS Award achiever

Don’t be afraid of the commitment; the PLUS Award can be taken in your own time and almost every part of it can be tailored to your own interests.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to commitments outside of university that’ll have little demand on your day-to-day life.”  

Mia Jarvis, English (BA)

BristolGrad and 2022/23 PLUS Award achiever

“I would encourage any student to complete the PLUS Award for its empowering effect.

Neurodiverse brains can flourish on Bristol PLUS as there is so much choice and flexibility to tailor it to your interests, and discover careers and sectors that value the way you think and work.“    

Haaroon Khan, first-year Medicine (MBChB)

2023/24 PLUS Award achiever

“Through my Bristol PLUS Award I have built an open and inquisitive mindset, laying a strong foundation for my future medical career.

These skills have broadened my horizons, allowing me to be a more aware and open-minded doctor, and equipped me with the mindset to handle the pressures of a clinical environment.” 

Ellie Haines, Cellular and Molecular Medicine (MSci)

BristolGrad, 2022/23 PLUS Award achiever

“I would definitely recommend doing the Bristol PLUS Award. It has helped me reflect on my volunteering as a girls’ football coach and as a committee member for UBWFC.

I’d recommend volunteering with something close to your heart, you never know, this might be the beginning of that journey!”

Will Edlin, second-year Engineering Design with Study in Industry (MEng)

2022/23 PLUS Award achiever

“Completing the PLUS Award has given me the opportunity to further develop my entrepreneurial skills, particularly in areas such as networking and client relations, both of which are crucial in any successful business venture.” 

Adam Backhouse, third-year Film and English (BA)

2021/22 PLUS Award achiever

“The PLUS Award taught me that career searching is not as scary as it seems, and the earlier you start researching, practising, and trying new things, the quicker you become comfortable and confident in the potential of your own future.”

Lia Jones, third-year Politics and Sociology (BSc), currently working towards achieving the 2023/24 PLUS Award.

“Through my PLUS Award activities, I have improved my content creation skills and learned to adapt my communication style to best fit different audiences. All of which are relevant and valuable to pursue a career in marketing.“ 

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