My SME Internship: Anastasiia – Altuity Solutions

As students, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed.

The job market is extremely competitive, and often, recruiters already expect you to have work experience when you graduate. So, many of us spend the holidays searching for vacation schemes and internships, myself included. During this winter vacation, I was looking for opportunities to boost my CV when I stumbled across the SME Internship Scheme. It was truly the perfect opportunity because you are able to gain some experience working remotely whilst also getting paid for it.

Altuity Solutions logo

How I found my perfect internship

I have wanted to try digital marketing for a while now, so these were the types of internships I set my eyes on. The process was very easy, and I quickly found my perfect internship match. Altuity Solutions, a software company, were looking for a Digital Marketing Intern. After submitting my CV for the position, I was invited for an interview and, luckily, got an offer soon after.

It’s hard to fit all the things I did during the internship into just one blog post. I was able to learn new skills and try myself in a completely new field. I managed social media, created digital content and marketing campaigns through CRM software. I even dabbled in video editing and copywriting.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are having difficulties

There were some things I found difficult. It just so happened that my internship period overlapped with the spring exams. As a result, at times, I found it quite overwhelming to manage my assignments together with the internship. My advice for students in this type of situation is don’t hesitate to talk to your line manager. It’s likely they will understand if you struggle to keep up with your studies and need to adjust your hours.

If you are thinking about applying

A picture of a young woman pointing to the left with the careers service logo behind her.I truly had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend this to any student and urge you to apply at least once. Regardless of whether you are looking for work experience or want to learn something new, you will gain a lot from an SME Internship.

Look out for opportunities through the SME Internship Scheme on mycareer.