Three reasons not to miss Global Careers Week

Global Careers Week is here!

This is your chance to get involved with a week of events and workshops, specifically designed to support you in developing global skills and experiences to boost your employability!

Here are three reasons why you should make the most out of Global Careers Week:

#1 – Global skills are highly sought-after by employers

The post-Covid working world is changing rapidly, and so are the skills required to succeed in this new environment. Developing global awareness and intercultural competencies are now essential skills to enhance your employability.

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“Companies are operating over so many international boundaries, so the more languages and experience with different cultures you can bring to a company, the more you can help with its global reach.”

Oliver Watson, MD for UK, North America and the Middle East at Michael Page

Beyond fluency in multiple languages, global skills also include your ability to navigate cultural diversity and misunderstandings, as well as possessing global business awareness.

Our blog Why employers love global experience shares eight reasons why spending time abroad can boost your employability.

Attend our workshops on Developing a global mindset and Intercultural skills and employability to learn about the significance of global skills, and how to showcase them as your employability advantages in job applications.

#2 – There is something for everyone

The best thing about Global Careers Week is there is something for everyone!

Are you interested in studying, working or volunteering abroad next summer? Come along to the Global Opportunities Fair to explore your options and find out what funding you could get to help kickstart your international adventure.

For international students looking to gain work experience in the UK, we understand that there might be certain barriers and challenges in your way. We have prepared useful workshops to support your understanding of UK workplace culture and skills, as well as strategies for success in landing a graduate job in the UK.

#3 – Get inspired

Whatever stage of career planning you are at, whether you are feeling lost or ready to explore, come along and hear from alumni speakers as they share their personal insights and inspirational global careers. Explore a wide range of careers that have a global impact, and learn about ways you can utilise your time and skills at university to prepare you for a fruitful global career.

Global Careers Week is happening Monday 28 November till Friday 2 December. Search for ‘Global Careers Week’ events on mycareer to see what’s on and register.

Visit the Global Opportunities website to book onto the Global Opportunities Fair

Ning Tay, Careers Support Officer, 2022