Why employers love global experience

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You may be about to travel, volunteer, work or study abroad and you’ve probably thought about what you’ll gain on a personal level. But have you considered the employability gains too? The two things aren’t mutually exclusive! What you’ll learn from personal challenges will positively influence your ability to perform in the workplace – enabling you to listen, communicate, adapt and solve problems. 

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Read on to find out how spending time abroad can boost your employability. 

Global awareness is now one of the top skills that employers say they seek in recruits 

Here are eight reasons why: 

  1. Living or working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures will develop your interpersonal skills, such as empathy, relating to others, and being able to effectively communicate your views – making you a supportive team player. 
  2. Having insights or understanding of international developments benefits organisations looking to expand their global operations and gives you commercial awareness. 
  3. Advanced language skills can be a huge advantage – particularly to companies looking to trade with new international partners.  
  4. Any new experience inevitably comes with challenges. Your ability to negotiate the bumps in the road will demonstrate resilience and newfound confidence 
  5. Compromising on what you know and accepting change in a new environment builds adaptability – another key skill that’s high up on employers’ wish lists. 
  6. Leading on a project in a foreign country can evidence your ability to overcome cultural differences, influence others and meet common objectives. 
  7. You might not realise just how self-reliant you’ll become. Employers will see the value of this in your ability to use your initiative and make decisions. 
  8. You’ll not just be making friends but also connections. You’ll become a natural networker.

So, however you choose to spend some time abroad, a rewarding global experience that showcases your cultural and interpersonal skills could be the hook that makes you stand out from the crowd. Make it your USP and shout it loud. 

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