Meet the Bristol PLUS achievers who are taking steps towards gender equity!

International Women’s Day is all about embracing equity by celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about discrimination, and taking action to drive gender parity. 

Happy International Women's Day!
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We caught up with two PLUS Award achievers, Ellie Haines and Isabella Cupido, to learn about the work they have done to help forge a gender-equal world, and their motivations for getting involved.

Ellie is a coach for the Under 11s team at the Bristol Ladies Union

Ellie Haines standing in front of lush greenery. She has her hair in a ponytail and is wearing a blue and white football jersey.

“I grew up with a very strong female influence when it came to sports, especially football. I had an amazing female PE teacher who pushed for girls to be able to play football in PE lessons, and for a girls’ football club to be created.

Without her, I would’ve eventually given up (on football), and never gotten to where I am now.”

“Last year I became the first female coach at the Bristol Ladies Union. Women’s football should be easily accessible to everybody, and it is important for young girls to see women in sport. I hope to be a role model for young female players and motivate them to keep playing through the setbacks.” 

Isabella works with ISeeU to mentor underprivileged girls in high school. 

“As a young mentor, I aim to equip disadvantaged teenage girls with the soft skills necessary to succeed in a career of their choosing. I also help facilitate bi-monthly workshops on topics such as growth, self-worth, and managing money.”

“After getting to know these girls, you can instantly see their potential. All they need is encouragement from other women who can walk the path beside them, and who have already broken many of the existing barriers in male-dominated fields.” 

Isabella Cupido smiling widely. She is wearing a red jumper.

Have you made a significant impact through a role or activity?  

Ellie and Isabella received formal recognition for their respective coaching and mentoring experiences through the Bristol PLUS Award, the University’s employability award.  

Extra-curricular experiences from any year of your studies, anywhere in the world are PLUS-eligible. More information about the award and its requirements can be found in our PLUS Award guide

“The Bristol PLUS Award has helped me reflect on the skills gained through my volunteering roles. I’d recommend volunteering with something close to your heart – you never know, this might just be the beginning of that journey!” – Ellie Haines 

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