The ideal student job – working as a DLHE Telephone Researcher

Alice Hook, DLHE Telephone Researcher

This January I will start my third campaign as a DLHE Telephone Researcher. I can honestly say that it is the ideal student job! The work hours fit around lectures, the pay is great and you get some valuable experience.

The advantages of working for the university are the flexibility and understanding around academic commitments. During exam season I could take shifts off on the day before my exams and, in the run up to big deadlines, I was able to request fewer shifts.

The skills learnt in the role will help me in the future, as you need to have good communication skills and a certain level of persuasiveness to deal with more reluctant graduates. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to several of my lecturers who had recently completed PhDs!

Calling graduates will open your eyes to many possible career options that you might not have considered or had even known existed! From grad schemes to postgraduate degrees, I now have a much better understanding of what I can do with my degree.