Who is the Bristol PLUS Award for?

It’s a common misconception that the Careers Service is only for those students who already know exactly what they want to do. Similarly, when it comes to the Bristol PLUS Award you might guess that it’s only for very high-achieving students, or those who are applying for grad schemes and internships.

If you’ve completed the PLUS Award, you’ll know that this isn’t true of the Careers Service, and certainly isn’t true of the Award itself.

Student priorities when registering for the Bristol PLUS Award


In our intro talk we highlight the benefits of completing the PLUS – it’s not just a tick-box exercise! It can help you:

  • Stand out to employers
  • Take control of your future
  • Have fun while gaining skills

Some students will come out of the Award process knowing exactly what career they want and are better equipped to pursue it, but the PLUS experience is unique to everyone who takes part. Your outcomes could be having a better idea of your skill-set, increased confidence, or knowing what work you might be suited to. Here’s what some of our recent PLUS completers have said:

  • “The PLUS Award has inspired me to develop more transferable skills”
  • “The biggest thing I gained is the confidence to explore new activities”
  • “I am now in a much better position when seeking internships and work “
  • “I now have a much better understanding of the two industries that I am looking at going into.”

What do you want to achieve? Find out more information on our PLUS Award web pages, and book into an introductory talk.