#10YearsOfPLUS: ‘Tis the season…to be recognised and rewarded

The Bristol PLUS Award offers you the perfect platform to challenge yourself to develop new skills. But did you know it gives you recognition for the activities that you are already doing too?

That’s right! As PLUS Award achiever Valeria Saddi explains, “at the beginning of my second year I decided I wanted to challenge myself more. I was already working part time, and I realised that by doing the PLUS Award I could get recognition for the hours of work I was putting in, as well as learning something new and boosting my employability skills.”

For the Award you can use any work experience or volunteering hours that you have gained from the start of your academic course – including the holidays! In fact, that’s often the best time to do it.

“The most valuable lessons I learnt from the Award were efficient time management and having confidence in my skills. I was recently appointed as Campus Rep with Teach First and my interview feedback mentioned that I came across as very confident in my one-on-one interview. That is something I don’t think would have happened if I hadn’t worked through my employability skills through achieving the PLUS Award!”

You can discover all the benefits of engaging with the Bristol PLUS Award by booking yourself into a Bristol PLUS Award Introductory Talk before the registration deadline on 14th February 2020.