City Challenges – Your opportunity to create lasting change in the community!

Students have been engaging in a variety of problem-solving activities to help local charities in the Bristol area. So far this year, students have worked with local charities including Brigstowe, Talk Club, and St Werburgh’s City Farm.

Image of students sat in a circle of chairs.
The presentations allowed students to get feedback on their ideas.

On the last Wednesday of each month during this term, each City Challenge kicked off with an introduction by the host charity, advice on tackling problem-solving, and the pitching of the question. The students were then given time in their teams to tackle their problem and at the end of the day presented their ideas to the charity, who then take the student’s ideas and solutions forward.



While some of the City Challenges have been online and others are in person, the City Challenges have tackled issues such as:

  • Five students sit around a table which has papers on it.
    Students are split into groups to develop their teamworking skills.

    How can we prevent HIV stigma within the medical community? (Brigstowe – online)

  • How can we encourage male university students to talk about their mental health? (Talk Club – online)
  • How can we redesign St Werburgh’s City Farm Cafe and Playground? (St Werburgh’s City Farm – in person)

Taking part in a City Challenge has allowed students to demonstrate their development in teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills

Want to get involved in the local community and boost your CV? You can register your interest in the future City Challenges through the myopportunities listing here.